Biofeedback Electroacoustics...or Telepathy

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I am working on a project that takes the theremin/terpsitone concept and applies it to a large crowd.  I want to harvest static fields in a room and have feedback come through a subwoofer-speaker setup.  See a demo of the terpsitone being played here, it uses electric charge from our bodies to play sound "out of thin air". 


I have had minimal success using layman's devices, but I realized I have to start learning engineering to build a prototype.  This device will be a speaker attached to a subwoofer, and will use either the floor or a series of rods to help conduct electric charge.  I've had really mild success with my home subwoofer and speakers but I am researching the theremin to improve the design.  

The gimmick of it is imagine going to your favourite dance concert, and you enter the room and a low bass noise begins to build as the room fills with excitement.  Then the act comes onstage and the static in the speakers goes up with the bass.  This bass noise is the "crowd energy" being caught by the set up, and the pitch and tone should change in such a way that it makes the concert goers (and the musicians) believe the crowd are telepathically singing along through the speakers.  In reality it's just EMI being amplified into sound.



  • Would the presence of carried electronics have an effect on this static? :o
  • Yes, I think.  I got a $20 bluetooth speaker to charge statically while I was singing in the shower, and it started going white noise, and then I picked it up after the shower and it shocked me a little and then equalized, returning to crystal clear sound quality immediately.
    If I could amplify that effect, there is potential for a cool sex toy at least.
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