Hello! Photographer in London, UK calling all biohackers

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Hi grinders,
I am a photographer interested in technology and its affect on humanity. While doing some research into biotech, I came across this site and found many of your discussions very bold. So many questions arise, how has life changed since your implant? What encouraged you to do it? We are on the cusp of a new frontier where the biological and technological lines are blurring, yet I feel this has not been very well documented photographically. 

Thus I have decided to embark on this project - 
I look to seek your collaboration on this photographic project and would like to inquire after an opportunity to photograph you for a portrait session of 1-2 hours, If you are uncomfortable with photographing your face, just a close up on your implant would be fine. Ideally I am looking to photograph from 1st to 19th April 2016. The images would aim to promote a sense of personal reflection to a young audience on the diverse applications of biotech, contrasting the flurry of AI illustrated imagery which we see very often in photographs and publications today. These images may be exhibited here in London as well. In return, I would be happy to share with you the digital copies or a print.  

Should you be interested, require any further information before committing or just to say hi, email [email protected].
I super look forward to hearing from all of you!



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