Samarium Cobalt magnets

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Hi guys!
I find Samarium Cobalt magnets. It's have been used for dental implants.  Each magnet can support a steel weight of up to 0.18kg. Normal N42 neodymium can support around 0,19kg. Is that a good option?


  • If memory serves, Samarium cobalt isn't really suitable for finger implants. An N52 Neodymium magnet is the "standard". A samarium magnet's going to be a lot bigger than a neodymium, and less strong too.
  • Since it's already used by the medical field would it be suitable for implantation without coating? Is it already biocompatible?

    The only stuff I have read about which is magnetic and biocompatible is maghemite but that is not strong and medically only used as nanoparticles.
  • The difference in power between the N52 and Samarium Cobalt is about 50g only.
  • Only? A tenth of a pound is a lot in this application. Also the size of the field is really the important aspect. I mean sure, the field tapers off into infinity.. but less strength means a smaller utile field. For applications where size isn't super important these are great though. They are way less susceptible to damage from heat.
  • Maybe Stir bar in PTFE coating is good option here?
  • That's a bit... Big. The implants done for fingers use magnets that are in the single-digits in millimeters, size-wise. Think "grain of rice" sized, not pea-sized.
  • Thanks. I read actually about that. I will try with Samarium Cobalt magnets. Is 2x4mm is ok for finger?
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