mitragynine for pain, because of the cost of lidocain

Kratom( mitragyna speciosa), which I've been researching, and trying different methods of extracting down to clean alkaloid content(i've had clean results, but inefficient ones, as Soxhlet or other defats that take place on dry material before any extraction takes place on alkaloids, isn't safe or feasible without a legitimate lab, are the most promising at producing high-yield and purity content). Is very effective for pain reduction, but it's also stimulating, it seems like it could be a valuable asset to the self implanter.


  • I have a fair amount of experience with kratom. I have a couple questions. First it's a funky herb. Also, quality is dependant upon where you purchase from. Over the last couple of years the price of it has slowly been increasing in my area, as it is a substitute for pain medication addiction with some folks. It already comes in capsulated forms, why are you trying to do an extraction on it? It would seem that after you buy a bulk amount spend the time and money trying to extract anything from it, price of lidocaine on would be cheaper and more convenient.
    What are your plans on administration after you extract?
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    extraction is cheaper than dirt... I get it bulk online, and quality isn't so much a factor with a simple straight-to-base approach, a defat isn't that necessary for this application, at least you're still consuming much less unnecessary plant material, and it's certainly cleaner than this tar people sell as kratom "extract". I don't think it's a "funky herb" I think if you know your supplier, and know what you're getting, I've never had any experience that was funky, it was opiate like analgesia with some mild stimulation every time.  
  • also I've already done it many times, both yielding freebase and hydrochloride salt. the freebase wastes less when excluding a salting out and recrystallization step, which is unnecessary for oral administration anyways
  • 40 bucks too much for you to handle?  you probably shouldn't be cutting yourself open and putting things inside of you then, if you cant afford to spend 40 bucks to do things the right way.
  • Who told you I was cutting myself open? And the right way? mmm... that's just hilarious in this context..
  • @ighten
    I don't think that's a completely fair statement the right way changes, look at how magnets are coated....
  • Well I'm interested in Kratom although not to replace anything. Know very little about its effects etc. Run down?
  • lol you're on a site where people cut them selves open and stick things inside, my mistake.  what the fuck else are you doing that needs lidocaine?
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    ightden, you're on a site full of biomedical experimentation and refer to a right way etc, stfu, an stop needlessly insulting me over a suggestion. Cassox, it's generally a light opiate sort feel, very good pain relief, but, simultaneously it has stimulating properties. People will use it for anything to get over various addictions to simply using it as a nootropic daily. I started using it because I used to be several hundred pounds overweight, and my knees are in pain often. 
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