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It is a long time I have been trying to buy a EEG, but I have problems getting one. Am I the only one ? Anyone found a place that sells a good one to private citizen ? Maybe in the USA? 


  • Yeah. I can help with this. First off, don't go with eeg at home project stuff. It really is pretty cool but you will be endlessly fiddling with it and will end up with a lot of useless inconsistent data.
    If you're looking at something from the US. . Search used medical equipment. There are tons of perfectly functionAL units for as little as 500. You'll notice a strange divide though in price. You'll find a bunch for 400 to maybe 1500... then a jump to like 5k. Its the digital divide. The older cheaper units print to paper only. The newer pricier units record files.

    The best options I've seen are through chinese wholesale sites. I've seen new modern eeg units for as little as a grand. I haven't used one yet but I intend to get one when im able. If you have any questions about file formats or readers let me know. I might be able to help.
  • Thanks , I was wondering any site from that would let me buy it. I still don't trust too much the chinese markets. 

    What do you know the one that print in paper I always looked for the one I can attach to my PC.

    And when you speak of readers wha do you mean ? 

    At home project you mean built it my self? 
  • @Cassox
    Why didn't you say anything to me about that before I set out on the ModulerEEG? Also my parts are totaled about 300+/- so far. Still need a few things....
  • Ha. Well, my advice depends on what you're trying to do. The fact that you're building it yourself leads me to believe that you're trying for computer interfacing. In that case I'm sure you'll need to build it all yourself anyhow. For my uses.. screw that. I'd love something simple and out of the box.
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    Fair enough, I am looking into a design from off shelf parts to save some money, looking everything over again I realize all I am making is a digital to analog converters hooked up to a amp with a lot of filters.... Wondering if it can't be amped then filtered digitally....
  • Have you looked at epoc? I had one for a while and really liked it. I never totally used it for looking at the brain as much
  • As for the games.
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    @Meanderpaul epoc? 

    What do you know the one that print in paper I always looked for the one I can attach to my PC.

    And when you speak of readers wha do you mean ? 
  • Epoc is an eeg that is advertised to be able to read the waves in you brain for controlling games or in this case seeing the brain in action.

    It's called emotiv epoc. Here's the web site check it out.
  • I read a bunch of bad reviews of maybe not that system but it was something vary vary much like it. If I remember correctly there was a issue with the drivers not being 64bit, also what's your use?
  • @JohnDoe I recall the same, but i believe that model had only 1 EEG channel in the front. 

    @Meanderpaul I wonder why I have to pay an extra $300 for RAW data ? Shouldn't I pay for the analyzed data? 
    What did you use it for? I would like to use it to see if tDCS has some effect on my brain. And what it is. Would you suggest it? 
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    I personally didn't use it for that. I had it from the Kickstarter. It has lots of apps/games/software adding that you can get from the store, their online store like the play store.

    You can download the store to see what types of things they have.

    I had an issue with the 64bit also but again that was a first version from Kickstarter so it may have been changed/fixed. It didn't have that much of an effect on the device it was usually fixed with a restart.

    My main issue was with the contacts on my head. There were many locations that had to be just right and have just enough solution to work. I also had much longer hair then I do now (it's still pretty long). From my understanding the new one, insight, is a dry version that should fix that contact issue I had.

    My suggestion is to contact the company for more details about it. I would love to get the new version but it's not something I really need right now since I don't do much concerning brain function. It would be more of a novelty for me.

    EDIT: forgot to answer what I used it for. I was using it to try and create games for it. I was at the time interested in software design. And also controlling a pc with it was something of interest with me. For the most part I could accomplish simple tasks for controlling my desktop but not so much typing like is mentioned in some videos/reviews.
  • @Meanderpaul Do you think would be good for my purpose? Only insight has the dry polimer. Not epoc   or epoc+ . Maybe I will have to flat my hair , they like to stand.
    Your videos/reviews are here? or on youtube?
  • I have not made any review except what I have said to you. I'm not sure if it would work for what you want. I would honestly contact them with your specific use and see. I would hate for you to get it and not have it do what you are looking for.
  • ok thanks for the help 
  • Your best bet is to give the money to a friend to buy it. Pretty simple solution to that if money isn't the problem. Get a quality EEG, wet, use silver or gold electrodes, and use reliable software made for the EEG. I work with a brainmaster discovery 24E with 10/20 head net for mapping and a 4 channel u-wiz with silver electrodes for training. You can go to a psychologist and they can use their license to get it for you as part of neurofeedback training. Then... you can use it for anything you want at that point. Currently, the simulations and games that incorporate EEG readings are severely limited. Mapping isn't so difficult but creating quality games that use the full functionality of other tech is lacking. There's a lot of room for development in this area. Personally, I'd love to see a game on par with what I see in the xbox1 or ps4 that can be controlled for neurofeedback.
  • Hum.... I said I would order those parts in March and I still haven't ordered those parts....

    How much do you think a set up like that would run?

    John Doe
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