Uses For RFID Implants?

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So, I am new here and completely out of touch with all the everythings to do with RFID tags. I am curious as to all the uses of and benefits of these tags. Can you guys help me out?


  • Replaces keycard access, remote start, NFC is good for locking and unlocking phones/electronics, some people have bio based for temp and other little medic type things. Storage of information ( limited).

    I'm sure I'm missing some but that's what you will see the most.
  • Very cool. Thanks mate!
  • Also people will save credit/debit information to it as will as keyless entry....
  • unlocking/locking of rfid-token based external harddisk drives (did require hardware hacks). Not exactly super secure but still a great way to keep strangers from deleting your data during a coffee break.
  • I'm waiting for someone to make an rfid bike lock so I can have an implant and not have to deal with a key while I'm doing deliveries, especially when the weather is nasty.
  • Doesn't dangerous things have a RFID lock?
  • I need a uLock. Having to deal with a chain would end up taking as much time as fiddling with keys and end up a wash. A Ulock can go around a wheel and the frame really quickly and then back off when I'm back to the bike.
  • Also, chain locks are effectively useless. I had to "steal" a partner's bike that was locked with a thick chain lock once, and using a pocket sized bolt cutter and aiming for the place where the lock connected to the chain it only took a few seconds.
  • I actually have a lot of experience with that padlock. I am also a bicycle deliveryman, well, was... my position was liquidated yesterday in favor of a mobile app based delivery service. :( 

    The lock served me well for about 6 months before it completely stopped working. It was well made, but couldn't take the abuse I dealt it for too long.

    One thing that I found disappointing about it: Unfortunately, the lock is not compatible with ISO 14443 tags like the xNT, instead using ISO 15693 tags. Now Dangerous Things does carry an implantable ISO 15693 tag, but after purchasing it and trying it out, I realized that the padlocks reader was not powerful enough to pick up the tag.

    tl;dr Nice product, but can't handle too much abuse. Unfortunately incompatible with xNT, and not powerful enough to read a compatible xIC tag.

  • Thank you for that review. Hopefully a decent uLock will be released before the fall when the weather starts getting crappy again.
  • Cathasach i think you got a million dollar idea there...
  • I agree I was trying to locate something like what you were asking about and could not find anything except concepts.
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