Dual Frequency RFID Microchips?

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So this will be a really short start to this thread, but what is keeping us from making a dual frequency implant that integrates both 125kHz and 13.56MHz into the same tag? I know it would require separate chips and antennas, but just how large would the resulting implant have to be?


  • Easier to implant two independent chips, but you could. What's the application?
  • Application would just be to increase functionality of the single chip. I know I for one would rather have a single dual frequency chip in my hand than two. It would just serve to simplify and streamline things.

    Just the general idea of less doing more.
  • I get it but I don't see why still, To seal the tag would require several failed attempts be fore that even could be done with out melting what's inside it, then there's getting it in. I assume that it would be implanted with a scalpel and stichs as apposed to a injection, no?

    John Doe
  • I would actually have preferred a two in one. I personally would have it because I don't overly want to have one in my off hand since it's my off hand. I also know I'd be trying multiple spots thinking maybe it's this one.
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