Selling Implantable Magnets.

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I have some 1.5mm * 0.75mm N52 Gold coated magnets ready to be shipped.

Send me a direct message and we can fix an excellent price!



  • Could you give more info for those who could be interested. Also any testing that you have done to ensure these are "safe" to implant. Just gold plated doesn't equal good to go it could be a flawed plating.

    Info lots of info.
  • >~< 

    My own issue/question with Au is how fragile it is compared to many other things. Are these just strait electroplated, or do they have anything fancy that makes them a bit more impressive? 
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    Sorry to be the skeptic, but something seems kind of off about these mags. Only gold coating, and for the past month he's only visited the site 8 times.

    The only activity he has had is posting commentes advertising his gold mags. Something just seems fishy...

    It also seems like a translator was used for the posts. Just doesn't seem like natural language

    Again sorry to be the skeptic, just being cautious.
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    Caution is more than called for. As is the skepticism.
  • Ok I am interested, but few things first:

    1) did you test them? I met a guy from 8chan who bought 100 of gold plated magnets and when I told him to test it in salt water he said 95% was faulty (it bubbled and the gold fell off)

    2) how much would they cost (without shipping)

  • Hello!

    Thanks to all for the comments.

    I haven't tested then, may not be safe.

    About my English... Im a native Spanish speaker living in Austria, that why my English is strange.

    Being cautious is very important tho...

    About the pricing; $15 USD per magnet with free international shipping.

    Feel free to contact me if you need any further information.

    Greeting to all.
  • Please test your batch, post results with photos.
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    how bout you dont necro dead threads
  • It was the second post down, I wouldn't consider that "dead".

    Nice to meet you as well.
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    it's from almost three months ago and was definitely not "the second post down".  just wait for more TiN/diamond coated magnets like everyone else :)
  • Will do, I apologize. I didn't think it would be a big deal to make a comment on a website dedicated to comments. I'll wait for the next batch.

  • Easy ightden
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    he necro'ed a thread posted by a guy whos never posted in the forums before, who spammed the forum selling .10 cent magnets for 15 dollars before disappearing forever.  on top of that, the magnets he was selling aren't even suitable for implantation and surely will reject for anyone who attempts to implant them. 

    even a quick search of the forums before posting would have revealed this
  • I didn't say you were wrong just go easy he's new to the pages and just asked for tests and results which any one would do. It's actually more then most new people would do looking for a magnet.
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