NSI plus Beta Blocker?

Do yall think I should be ok taking NSI witha beta blocker like propanolol? Does anyone have experience doing so? Yes we dont know the moa yet, just asking before I combine the two.


  • So far so good. NSI-189 seems perfectly fine to take with beta-blockers. 40mg of propanolol and 40mg of NSI-189
  • Out of curiosity what were you expecting to have happen vs what has happened?
  • Idk, I have bad anxiety. it turns me into a hypochondriac. lol
  • which is definitely not good bc I love to experiment with substances/noots
  • I just have my daily panic attacks still, but I'm not depressed. The NSI has made me manic. It'll prob wear off though and the real effects will come on after a consistent month of daily use.
  • Okay thanks wish you the best on handling your panic attacks, also have you found a cause/trigger? Like stress or screaming I have a friend who gets panic attacks when those two things mesh in her life.
  • Thanks John. And yes, stress is a trigger along with caffeine. I wanted to chip in on the other thread you had started but these projects just took up all my time :(.
  • No I completely understand, I am doing those projects for the exact same reasoning.
  • The difficulty is that because no one (except neuralstem) knows how NSI-189 works, it's impossible for us to predict drug-drug or gene-drug interactions. 
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    I wounder if a simultaneous MRI/EEG examination would show ware in the brain it is acting, and maybe even show how it works.
  • yea I know, MOA = unknown. i was asking if anyone had experience using it with a beta blocker though
  • i think that would help @JohnDoe, that would be awesome if we could get regular access to one. Next I'm trying cerebrolysin
  • Another thing that could give insite as to what is doing could be if there are any hormones in the blood. My gut feeling in nothing of interest, but that's one of those things I suggest and wait for someone else to correct me or tell me why that method of testing in flawed. What is NSI-189 made of, I want to compare it's make up with some other (better understood) nootropics and maybe some answers could come from that....
  • That sounds like a dope idea!
    sidenote: nsi makes me super hungry, might have to do with specific hormones being released like u said earlier.
  • Let me know how it goes.
  • Why Cerebrolysin? Have you tried any of its active polypeptides yet? Eg: P21, Selank, Semax?
  • @MTS
    I have had a new theory as to how NSI-189 is working, it is a amino acid. If that's the case nothing should show up in blood work or any real tests. That said I have to wounded if tDCS and NSI-189 couldn't be used to "download" information of even skills to the human brain. If that can be proven then we could possibly make a more powerful version of NSI-189. A NSI-X if you will. Granted what I just stated would be a step on the path to a real life limitless drug, who's to say we arnt closer than we think?

    Can anyone tear that theory to little bits of could I be on to something?
  • @JohnDoe that seems super interesting/cool if possible. can someone shed more light on this for us?

    @_mz_o__ Ive heard only good thigs about it so why not try it. Nope havent tried those yet!
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