Nature inspired wearables

Hi everyone, I'm new to the biohack forums. I saw the bottlenose design and was hooked instantly on being a part of this.

I thought I'd just post some interesting wearables that have been engineered based on nature:
air current detection and low light vision - 
ostrich speed - 

Nice to meet you all!


  • That whisker-mask was interesting. I had a similar idea of using haptic feedback from proximity sensors on a car where the motors/feedback are placed on the back instead of the face. The bionic boot was cool to; it looks like an updated version of something similar I've seen a while ago.
  • There is a whisker post on here somewhere...
  • I want a pair of boots and that mask.
  • Mask is easy enough to make, it's only LiDAR and haptics. The sensors would be around $15-30 each, but everything else would come out to a total of maybe $35.
    I could make one using cheaper parts and application-specific pcbs for probably $200 and a month of free time.
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