Implanters in Portland, OR?

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Hey all,

Been asking around at various piercing/body mod shops in PDX and so far all have assured me that it is illegal for them to do it due to state law (haven't confirmed this, if someone can, I'd appreciate it). I've heard a few names up in Seattle, and I'm not opposed to bouncing up there since I visit regularly, but I figured I'd ask here first in case anyone on the forum has experience in Oregon. Keep it local, right? Looking for xNT and m31, just basic stuff. Many thanks.


  • I too am from Portland. No implanters here. At this point I'm waiting till Dangerous Things has magnets again until I make my second attempt at anything. The few Seattle implanters I found were "we only give you the price in person" so I don't even know how much stuff goes for really.

    My next hope was going to be the biohacking convention that gets set up here, but I'll have to see how finances and PTO work out.

    Good luck @entonces
  • John Durante implanted my ex and in 2013. iirc, it was $100 each (procedure and magnet). Neither of us have had problems with our teflon coated magnets and they healed up quick. I got an m31 in each tragus a little over a year ago and had to have one removed and I'm thinking I might have to take the other one out soon.
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