Looking for more information on brain altering drug(not to get high)

I found this and I was wondering if anyone here could tell me more, for now here are my main questions.
Are the injecting all of this into the brain?
Is the NEUROD1 constant from people to mice?
Is this a neuro-gene therapy?
Does anyone know if this has been replicated?(Good science can be repeated....)
My head is spinning at the moment, I don't plan on trying to replicate this it just seemed like it could possibly lead to a real life limtless drug.

John Doe


  • Hey Just so you know that link is broken. Here is a better one. LINK
  • Yea posted that from my phone....
  • This paper was in cell, which is a super prestigious, extremely rigorous journal. 

    That paper is totally preclinical; the transcription factor NEUROD1 is not going to be infused into people's cerebrospinal fluid any time soon (at least within the next 3 years).

    Researchers have tried infusing brain-derived neurotrophic factor into patients with Alzheimer's though. 

    If you're interested in reversing glial activation/inflammation, you might look into drugs like minocycline which directly target glia. 
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    Okay that's good to know about that source, it felt a little funny. I will thanks for your input.

    Do you mean minocycline the antibiotic? How exactly does that work for decreasing learning speed? From the article I read and understand it sounded like the were converting non-neurons in mice brains to neurons. Hence making them smarter. Did I miss interpret what I read?
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