Spinning stuff with finger magnets

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This might be a little silly but my partner and I were working on some block printing last night and we accidentally magnetized the cutting nibs that we were using. Then we figured out that we could spin them around. Here's a video. 


  • Yes.

    :D Whismical
  • quite cool indeed, but the magically purple-glittering tool in the background steals the show.
  • I had the same reaction, My immediate thing was "Ooo It's Spinning", then "OOH LOOK A SHINY THING".

    Both are cool none the less. ^^
  • I'm not sure exactly how that happened. That's the handle for the cutting bits and it's got a bunch of diamond spiky things on it for better grip. It reflected the light weird for some reason and turned out like that. I was also enamored with it.
  • Thats cool! The attraction seems strong
    What kind of magnets do you have? M36's?

  • Yeah, M36s. The nibs are stainless steel and just happen to be the perfect weight as well.
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