Considering implantation in previously nerve-damaged finger

edited February 2016 in Magnets
My pinky finger on my left hand has weird surface sensation due to nerve damage from a previous injury*. The previous injury was a cut over the knuckle, extending around about 1/4 of the circumference of the finger. It happened 3+ years ago, and sensation still hasn't returned, so I imagine it's permanent. The cut was on the left side of the finger (looking at the palm), and about half of the pad is numb. I'm considering the other side of the finger as a potential implant site, as the sensation there seems normal.

Is there something I'm not recognizing that's likely to give me more than the usual trouble if I use that as an implant site?

*I was prying something with a knife (don't do that) and realized that if I slipped, I'd cut myself. So I changed my grip, slipped, and cut myself anyway. Then I ran to the bathroom, ran it under water, wrapped it up, turned off the stove, and went to the emergency room. My housemate came home to an empty apartment with all the lights on, food cooling on the stove, a knife laying out on the table, and blood everywhere.
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