Spring cleaning, giving you guys first dibs on the good stuff

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I'm working on some minimalist "spring cleaning" right now, and am paring down my collection of nifty gizmos and biohacker-y stuff that I don't ever actually use. Wanted to give the folks here first crack at these before they go to craigslist, since this is kind of the ideal crowd and I know some people have been specifically looking for such items. I have no idea if publicly posting prices is frowned upon (or even a blatant ad like this in the first place - we need a bartering subsection or something), but if anybody's interested IM me or post it up. I like Paypal and Square Cash, but I do have a bitcoin wallet if you insist on using that.

First up, I've got two M31 magnetic implants from Amal @ dangerousthings, I got them with the intent of "upgrading" from my Haworth magnets but decided I like mine too much to swap out. They've never been removed from their little zippy bags with the papers and chloraprep they came with, but they are NOT sterile.

I've also got one of the original Foc.us Gamer tDCS kits, the four-electrode model in black (I think all the current models they sell are only two-electrodes). Has the headset and manual, a whole bunch of sponges, some "normal" electrodes and cables for them, a microUSB charging cable, a saline bottle, a nice carrying case and baggie for all of it. I used it a few times, always with the same set of four sponges, so if that squicks you out I will happily chuck the used ones.

Lastly, I have a Mindwave Mobile EEG kit, it's really more of a toy than something research-grade but it's cool. Just the headset, but it fits nicely in the cloth baggie for the tDCS kit which already has a hard case, so if you want both that would work out well for transport.

I'll work on some pics tomorrow.


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    Prices for the M31s?
  • Yea what about that Foc.us Gamer, like what is it how would you describe your experience with it?
  • Would be tempted on asking for dibs on those m31's, i am looking for a pair...

    But at the same time, (and it's not out of mistrust, please don't interpret it as that) I'd rather get a set strait from manufacturing. Also keen to see what happens with the set that AlexSmith is working on, those are looking cool. ^^

    I'm curious to know why you say spring cleaning when we are in the middle of winter though. Minor confusion, it should read 'winter cleaning', silly!  D:>
  • @Tolkien5045, $30 apiece sound fair? If you're international we'd have to figure out the shipping but within the USA I'll send them Priority Mail.

    @JohnDoe, it zaps your brain via an app for iOS and I think there's also an Android version but I'm not sure. People have varying results, some swear by it for memory stuff and reaction times, I noticed a slight increase in alertness/wakefulness but that can easily be attributed to just about anything so YMMV. I think the US military did some tests with tDCS on pilots and had repeatable positive results in the wakefulness department, so it might be a real effect.

    @Zerbula, no offense taken, I'd be the exact same way. As for your closing statement...Spring is a state of mind, and I live here happily year-round. :3
  • The mind is so wonderful. ^^

    Don't be afraid to let it roll into the overactive Global-warming fueled kill-everything summer though, because another couple seasons after that you get to roll back into Spring again, with full appreciation for it's beauty.

    May i ask how long you have had your Haworths, and where are they?
  • M31s are SPF to @Tolkien5045, may they serve him well in his quest for global domination.

    @Zerbula, I've got two, one in the distal edge of my left ring finger and one in the proximal edge of the left index finger. They were installed about two months apart, in the summer of 2013. I didn't keep any decent records, but I'm pretty sure I got the ring finger in May and the index in July.
  • Global domination is in within reach! Muahahah!
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    Okay thanks for your reply but I have a similar device in the works.
  • @JohnDoe, yes I am well aware of the Thinking Cap and other tDCS devices/kits/products out there. This just happens to be the one I have and do not wish to keep having. ;)
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    dibs on an m31.  pm me your paypal and ill send you the money
  • Sorry guys, Tolkien bought and paid for both M31s last night.
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    Pics of the Mindwave EEG and foc.us tDCS (cutting board not included):



    Hard to tell in the baggies, but there are four surface electrodes with the tDCS headset, two per bag.

    Also, I forgot to mention before but I am perfectly happy to barter/trade these rather than sell outright.
  • How much are you asking?
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    $60 per headset, $100 for everything.

    UPDATE: Haworth magnet is sold already, goddamn you guys sure love magnets. XD

    Also, I just cleared out the rest of my biohacking drawer and found a spare Haworth magnet I never installed, if anybody wants that sucker it's $40 shipped. It's the "gold N45" model shown below, thicker than an M31 and coated via gold plating and then a sheath of injection-molded silicone. It is also NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT STERILE.

  • We really need a reliable M31 supplier.
  • Watching @AlexSmith. ^^

    And maybe @cassox with those diamonds. C_c So much want.
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