How big have the magnets gotten?

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I understand the desire to go with smaller magnets for the lower profile and easier insertion. 

What's the largest magnets people have implanted that's known about? Where was it put it and what was felt or how did it react?

 This is just a question of curiosity to feel at the waters. Im finding a lot more about smaller magnets than larger ones. 


  • What do you call big because the m31 is small in my eyes
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    How big I do not know, but the question is how powerful of magnets can we implant. At a certain point if you get to close to metal your magnet will rip out of you skin. For now at least we are pretty far away from that point. Just my thought. Also to big of a magnet and it will get infected if not reject, to some degree skin does protect the magnet. I have to question the safety of a magnet that would bulge out of the skin.
  • In Scale of 'big', the M31 being labeled as among the small floor isn't unreasonable.

    Has anyone ever tied anything with say... 1/4"/6.5mm Diameter magnets or larger? Or even 3/8"/9.5mm diameter magnets? Or has anyone gone bigger? I'm intentionally discounting depth, but that has just as much impact as well, I understand. As does gauss rating.
  • The shape of the magnet determines if it is better for sensations of lifting, disks are better for sensations and rods are better for lifting. That assumes the same gauss rating.
  • What would a sphere do, out of curiosity?
  • Not a clue, now I am curious.... It may be worth trying once I get my PVD system up and running. (Hopefully that won't take to long....
  • The size reason,for my understanding, is based on what is less likely to reject, have most sensation/function, and location for implantabilty.

    If you say make it the 1/4" you are NOT sticking that in your finger.

    The more surface you have the less blood flow to the skin=bad things. (Rejection at best)
    Yes you will feel more.
    Apply that logic to smaller and you run into a problem with surface area for sensation.
    The common size was determined from trial and error to be the best in categories for the selected area for best sensation aka finger.
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