Magnets to powerful?

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I am looking at getting these magnets I am thinking I want to use these in my fingers my only concern is if they are two powerful:
These people seem to do TIN biocoatings:
Sending them a email about cost and how much if any the would heat the magnets.

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  • Hey guys I pulled these magnets out of a pair of broken ear buds would these be good for implanting?,yVPYMMV
  • The answer to that question is pretty simple. Unless you know 100% certain that they are safe, they are not. Since you asked you'r not sure if they are safe and therefore they aren't.
  • Okay.... That put a damper on that.... I figured they are about the size of a M31 so that's why I asked....
  • The magnets linked above are n42. Not good. Also, while it's easy to find a place willing to do TiN, getting a batch without a significant number of failures isn't so easy.
  • From today or then? Benbeezey found a coating on Amazon that is FDA cleared that's what I am leaning towards now for a coating.
  • I request more information on said article on Amazon. "FDA cleared" makes no statement about its suitability for long term implantation. You'd want clearance based on ISO 10993-1 for implanted devices with bone/tissue contact for a contactduration of more than 30 days (type C in the charts). The chart is rather easy to find when you image-search for iso10993 chart

    Is the item on Amazon. Then there site:
    MSDS is someware in my email can't find it at the moment will update when I do, I also want to stress that I would try this. How ever as of yet I have not tired it.
  • so strictly speaking that epoxy has no clearance for long term implantation. It does have a class VI rating. That basically means it was tested and approved for short term implantation (<5 days). Class VI makes no statement about carcinogenicity or genotoxicity, neither does it say anything about suitability for long term implantation.
    Long story short: if there's nothing better you can get hands on, it's somewhat of a choice for experiments i guess.
  • I have ad FDA2T in the side of my hand with 2 different magnets for over 6 months. at grind fest we took one out and it looks the same as the day it went in. now that only a good thing for 6 months, but I still have the other one in my hand with no issues, (home depot magnets that touched everything not clean) so once the coating does have a issue with holding up I will be 6 months ahead of everyone one and screaming to take them out. If you want to test with it I would say go for it, but don't get to comfortable because we don't 100% know the results. 

    TIP: if you do coat a magnet in this stuff please do it with a mold of some kind, its easy to 3D print one (I have files for it if you have 3D printer access) its very hard to get over the edges just right, I have done with 2 pieces of wax paper being turned over every 5 minutes but that a huge pain, not clean, and not 100% full proof.
  • would suspending the magnet in mid-air for curing work? Creating a device to levitate a magnet isn't too difficult if it would help with the coating process.
  • it might, the issue is not the bottom, the issue is the top rim, so if you flip around the magnet floating thing while it cures it would help a lot.
  • So, creating a device that levitates the magnet, and then spins it on several axis to ensure even coating distribution might fit the bill?
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    Could I CNC a mold out of scrap foam? (Soap is a given) Thank you for your advice! I feel it is worth saying I can vacuum form a plastic plate if need be.
  • so when you have a mold you need to put some of the resin in the bottom just to make a small layer to make sure the magnet doesn't settle to the bottom and not coat that side, then you just put it in the middle and cover the rest of it. This stuff sticks to fucking everything! So do some tests and see what it wont stick to. I have only found wax paper that works. aluminum foil is a fail, plastics, glass, metal, all get was stuck to and fail. So wax, and silicone are the only think I have tested with good results, maybe soap would work fine.

    Don't vacuum form over magnets the heat will mess up the strength.
  • Okay thanks benbeezy, if worse comes to worse and soap does stick it is water soluble.
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