Anyone tried RNA interference?

I am a total beginner with little useful knowledge and recently got to know about the coolness and amazingness of the world of RNA interference.

Has anyone tried this on your self? For anything?

Cuz I see that several companies actually sell this stuff seemingly ready-made (siRNA and such) on their website for many genes. So, can't you just buy one for whatever gene you are interested in turning down, and give it a go?

In that case, how does that work? Do you buy a siRNA with a biodegradable vector if you want temporary results, or one with a viral vector if you want it to be permanent, and then just inject it in yourself lol?


  • i'm not a gene expert but that sounds like an awesome way to kill yourself with self induced cancer.
  • I second that.... You should hold off on that.... Maybe do some more research....
  • yup. that's how you get cancer. That said, I was looking into RNAi for a while. It's not that it's impossible, it's that we need the toys and workspace to do it properly. And the toys are expensive as balls. But things as they are, I could be messing with this again within a year, depending on how things go over the next few months. Eventually I'd like to use my nanoparticle system to deliver stuff like this to precise spots in the body, but it needs lots of refinement before it's ready for that. 
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