High Quality Magnets?

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I have read about some of the first generation magnets corroding and breaking inside the person. I understand that the tech for these magnets has advanced so I am not sure if that is a big problem anymore. From what I have read dangerous things sells the best magnets for implanting. As of now unfortunately they are out of stock and I cannot see myself waiting any longer.

I know many other websites that sell magnets but they do-not seen to be the same quality of the M31/M36. So on that note I have came here to see if anyone is selling quality magnets. Price is not a concern for me, my health is. If anyone on here sells high-quality coated magnets please let me know.  I aswell have a youtube with over 100,000 Subscribers and could possibly work something out :)


  • @2Bar, unfortunately DangerousThings will be out of stock until further notice due to manufacturing issues. However, a website called Cyberise.me is currenlty preparing for a small production run of magnents, and will be ramping up later.

    These are the same types of magnets that DangerousThings sell (m31's coated in Titanium Nitride). My advice is to keeping checkin Cyberise for updates and to just bide you time. If I happen to snag any once they go on sale I will let you know.
  • What's your you tube
  • Can we maybe get a thread stickied concerning this? I feel that we get a new person every couple days asking this same question.
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