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Are there any other Bio-hacking Sites that exist that are similar to this one? (i.e. forum-based) If so please include URLs in your comment,



    That's all I know of actually. It's lonely out here on the raggedy edge....

    Technically, there are a handful of blogs, but in terms of communicating with people...
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    I feel like it is worth stating that when he says the raggedy edge he means the edge of society, this is called a fringe culture and quite frankly it's barely big enough to be considered that. I would even only go as far as to call it a culture only cause people come here from all walks of life. There's no real reason for there to be another forum unless we chose to make a separate site that is uncrawled by search engines, but why would we?

    John Doe
  • Thanks man I appreciate it.
  • Really, is this the biggest gathering of people interested in this sort of thing? I've been intrigued by this idea for a while but only now am finding various resources like this -- I assumed it was because I hadn't looked very hard but are you guys saying that this is still a tiny movement? I would have thought that with all the ways technology is changing, this would be a more "normalized" idea and natural next step to making phones/headphones/NFC/etc smaller and more pervasive.
  • I agree with everyone else in that this is probably the most active site. is a popular forum for nootropics.I recently discovered which is an older and now inactive forum for biotechnology, but I found a few interesting pieces of information/monologues. 
  • You should also note that the number of people talking every day is different than the number of people who are registered and check out the board, but aren't posting.

    Not everyone is down to add content, some people just like to learn, which is good.
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    I created a account at waiting to hear back, wounding how many are just lurking. Maybe we could jump start it?
  • I, personally would love some kind of counter as to how many accounts there are on the site, and how many people are active.
  • We currently have about 2k users, but tracking log in habits is creepy.
  • How about a currently on line log?
  • 2K that's it?
  • 2k is 2000? people? I believed fewer 
  • @kuroro86  Think of it this way, when you are considering a community, online or otherwise, on average 90% are readers, 9% are talkers, and 1% are content generators.  Each is important and they all are part of the community, even if you don't see or notice them.

    So with 2000 people, we can assume that some people don't visit us anymore. The board has been around for a bit and I know that I register and then fade out of things that don't hold my attention. So let's ditch 500 from our numbers. That means we have 15 or so really chatty people at any given time. That looks about right to me.

    This isn't even considering the people who are doing things that don't talk much, like Amal or some of the Grindhouse people that are working but not here.

    Think of it like a mushroom. The biohack board is just like the really visible part to you and me, but underneath is a vast quiet network. That's how things grow.

  • The only reason I'm posting is because I'm one of those readers. In fact, this is the first time I've said anything. Also, without an account, I've been reading for about 2 months.
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    I'm actually curious about this @glims. Are you able to put an an online members thing in so you know if people are active or does that play to the creepy factor?

    I personally couldn't be bothered if people know I'm on.

    Also how much control of this sites layout do you have? I have thinking how awesome an app would be for this site. I know I do all my lurking through a phone which really sucks to post from.

    Edit: that said are there any apps relating to this subject?
  • +1 on the app, but easier said than done. Perhaps just a more mobile friendly layout and design.

    Do I assume correctly that this is a wordpress site? I see a plugins folder and it is hosted through DreamHost...

  • To put it lightly the coding of this site is a clusterfuck and it's next to impossible to mess with it for a variety of reasons. There was talk for a while of porting it over so we could start fresh ish and keep all the archived content but as usual people are busy and things never go as planned. So no that's not really possible. And ya it's kinda creepy. If you want to know who's around use slack or the IRC. 
  • @Glims I don't like being a mushroom! D:>

    Well... Okay no objections to the analogy. But could we be something cooler? Like... Komodo Dragons?

    And the site seems to at least function for our uses. We are here, we are talking. The internals may be messes, like trying to change bodies, but isn't this a great analogy? ^^
  • So... I lurked for about five months before posting the first time here. And I still read way more than I post. 

    Also, I favorite a lot of threads and follow them via email, so even when I'm not actually visiting the site I might still be paying attention. I imagine I'm not the only one who uses the site this way, so an "online members" thing still wouldn't acknowledge my lurking pattern ;)
  • Yeah, I read way more than I post as well. Doing med certainly doesn't help. :P
  • Since we're kind of sounding off in this thread, I've lurked for quite awhile before even signing up to become a member. Even now I don't post much if at all, but do alot of reading for my own educational purposes. I'm more of a creepy lurker than someone who posts just to post.
  • @Zerbula  Mushrooms are cool! >:(

  • @Cyberlass Never said they weren't cool! D:>

    Just... I don't know if I would want to be a mushroom. >~< It's like having a sword arm implant.. It's cool, but would we REALLY want it. At least at Komodo Dragon we can... Think, move, walk, etc. Be predators.

    Then again, community design. Some of us may be Mushrooms. Some of us may be Komodo Dragons... This provokes an interesting question... Site hierarchy of Biomagnification of ideas being condensed as they go higher up the food chain, until they magnify into the 'apex predators'? (Those here who actually like, do the experiments and processes and generate physical results)
  • I've been here for a good while, just actually made an account yesterday, though, I created it with a typo in my name... anyway, just standing up to be counted here. :)
  • Ditto. Lurker turned member recently. I've just ordered a 125khz microchip implant kit from and a RFID cloner from Amazon. I'll be implanting and programming the chip with the ID for my gym RFID badge so I can enter without my keys. This will be my first implant. Next will be a finger magnet.

    Eventually I'll branch into some hopefully new territory in the implant world with several ideas I have. This is a great place for tips and ideas. I haven't found any better.
  • Well, under my point of view this is also a biohacking forum :

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