Requesting Advice on Implanting a Magnet

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Hi! I am new, but have been looking into implanting a neodymium magnet in my finger. I had a few questions, and wanted to make sure everything I've planned is safe. Even if you can't answer all of my questions, all feedback is appreciated!

A) The magnet I've found is here:

It's a 3x1.5mm Gold plated N52. I would've liked to get the m31 from DangerousThings, but it is unavailable at this time. With no idea when it'll be back, I am finding an alternative. If you know of a better/cheaper one, let me know.

I was a little worried about using gold or parylene, as I've read they are rather fragile. I figure I can coat the gold magnet in silicone, to be safe.
Which brings me to...

B) What kind of silicone do I need? What do I need to look for to make sure it's safe for implantation. A lot of what I've found is temporary, lasting a month at most. I did find this:     but it is rather expensive, and I don't know for sure it's what I need. If anyone can point me in the right direction, that'd be great. Is there anything cheaper on this list I can use?:

C) I've read of people injecting lidocaine into the fingertip, or performing a nerve block on the whole finger. What are the pros and cons of each?

aaand, I'm sure I've got more, will update if they come to me.


  • Lido was used on mine - Pros; couldn't feel shit. Cons; none for me, I guess if you we're allergic it would suck balls.

    Quote me on this at your own risk, but I don't believe a properly coated gold magnet would be an issue implanting as is, although you run the risk of the coating being scratched either as ordered or during implantation which could then cause issues.
  • Alright, did you perform a nerve block? And I'm a bit cautious about implanting a magnet, while a gold coating may be fine, I think I'm going to play it extra safe and add a thinner layer of silicone. Has anyone had any issues with gold-plated magnets post-implantation?

    Also, I have read that some m31's may be available on another site in the near future, this may cure my worries, and be cheaper than the silicone.

    Thank you, kind sir!

  • My experience is that a nerve block works better than a local, but depending on the person sometimes both is used. It's a mixture of preference and technique ability
  • Thank you, I've seen more people performing nerve blocks than local, will probably go that route. I appreciate it!

    Does anyone have any input on sourcing proper silicone?
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