Getting the magnet statistics

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Just for personal interest and having seen multiple chat entries about the interest in finding the statistics; i figured that i would collect some data. this thread is meant for the collection of data concerning the ratio of a magnet implants staying iside, versus the amount of implants coming out at a later point.

If you have a magnet or have tried to implant one then please post on this thread.

y/n if you have one in currently then next to it how many tries it took to get it in or before you just gave up. then if you want to add what finger it was in i.e. LP is left pinkie or RMF is Right middle finger. (for a full finger list see below) then lastly if you have more than one the last number would show that.

In the end it should look something like this    [y;2;RRF; 4]

the collected data will be posted periodically (if any).

Left Hand:
LP - left pinkie
LRF - left ring finger
LMF - left middle finger
LPF - left pointer finger
LT - left thumb

(Replace L with R for the right hand.)



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