How about the market of magnetic beads?

Hi , I am working with lifescience and my company want to develop a new products---octyl c8 magnetic beads
. I have known the biotech market is of much potential. But I am not very familiar with the new product. How about the market?



  • what ican under stand you

  • I;m sorry, I can't understand your question. Can you please clarify? >~<
  • maybe we should make basic english proficiency a requirement to become a member on biohack?
  • I don't think that should be the case @dragon5. I would much rather see a google translate or something along those lines built in to translate the pages to a different language. Limiting people who join because the can't speak/type is a bad thing.
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    I'll try and clean the question up.

    " hi I work with life science and my company is developing a new product called

    I know the biotech market has great potential. Do you believe there is a market for this?"

    Use his link I'm not very good at posting/copying links.
  • I'm a little confused. Octyl-C8 is silica. Could you please explain a bit more @Venus666
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