Roadtripping across the US.

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In June I'll be road tripping (moving) from San Diego to Philadelphia. I'm planning on heading up to Carson City, NV first, then through Salt Lake City, UT, Denver, CO, etc all the way to Philly. I was thinking if there are any Biohacking people to meet up with on the way, this would be an awesome way to see your stuff or your setup or whatever. In case you don't know me, I'm not completely immersed in the Biohacking world, but I've gotten a magnet and am interested in RFIDs. I know that Grindhouse is based in PA, so I'll definitely be in touch to talk to them, but if there are any smaller shops along the way or rogue hackers building pvc antennae in their basements, drop me a line.


  • Philadelphian here. I've been trying to get a scope for the grinding/biohacking community in the area IRL but haven't made much progress. I have yet to ask anyone at hte There are a few cool hackerspaces in the city but NYC seems to be a little more vibrant in biohacking regards, especially with a hackerspace like Genspace. Fairly vibrant IT crowd if that's your thing.
  • I'm in the Denver area. By the time you do your road-trip I'll have my RFID installed :)
  • I am in Salt lake! You should for sure come by, if you need a place to stay while here I have a couch and air mattress :) I also have a small medical room if you want to do any upgrades while in town.
  • I am also in Salt Lake, and would be able to show you around and offer a couch as well. sounds like you are pretty covered for at least the first few legs of the journey so far!
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