Hyper Focus

Whats the best Hyper-Focus 'drug' that you can find that is reasonable priced? say for taking exams or staying super focused during exercise. Please include dosage, side-effects, and URL's


  • To my (limited) knowledge there is not one, also I think you mean flow state not hyper focus.
    Such a drug would not be to far away from limitless, there are several nootropics that are said to improve brain function, none of which I currently use. I just ordered a parts for a EEG and I am going to find a way to get into flow state then once I have a good handle on that I am am going to see if it is possible to develop reasonable control over it. Just my thoughts.

    John Doe
  • The best "hyperforce" type drug your gonna get is adderall/ritalin which is used to treat adhd/add which unless you have those your gonna have a damn hard time getting ahold of either. ritalin/adhd improve cognitive function and concentration in an individual and i believe they usually only come in 10mg/20mg amounts.
    im going in for adhd testing in several months as it has been long suspected iv'e had it (by professionals and my family/myself) but for someone who likely hasn't got adhd such as yourself i'd say your probably out of luck there

    In other news such as john doe mentioned above, there is a "family" of drugs called nootropics which most of them help cognitive function in some way (by family i don't mean there all related just that they all help the brain in some way) 
    adderall and ritalin can be classified as nootropics but there only for people with add/adhd such as mentioned before
    the racetam family of nootropics is probably legal in your country though you may need to order online EG, aniracetam / priraceatam 
    caffine and mondafil are technically nootropics
    l-theanine is technically a nootropic and balances out the negative effects of caffine with no negative effects itself 

    however in my personal opinion if your going to go on anything for your exams/ exercise Caffine and L-theanine (Both found in black and green tea although in small amounts) would be best with around 200 mgs of caffine (around 2 coffees or 2 normal no doz tablets) and around 500mgs to 1000mgs of l-theanine (you should probably buy powdered or tablet)
  • @johnDoe your right a flow state would be a better way to describe what i am looking for. I checked out that link that you put up, thanks! that was pretty helpful.

    @Arckon10 There is a source from which i could get some adhd diagnosis drugs but it is risky and quite shady. thanks for the help.
  • Yeah. I like 36mg concerta, 400mg caffeine, and a variable dose of adrafinil, provigil, or nuvigil.
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