Pressure Detection Implant

It's been raining like hell here in San Diego (read: been raining a little) and I've noticed some interesting things happening to the magnet implant in my finger while it's storming outside. As some of you may be aware, stormy weather is a result of a low pressure system in the atmosphere which pulls moist warm air over dry, cold air and results in rain from a rapid drop in pressure. I've noticed over the last few days some drastic bulging and shrinking of the tissue directly over my magnet. There appear to be no signs of infection or rejection, and the finger has not gotten significantly soaked in water at any point. I believe this is a result of the drastic change in pressure causing the weather. This effect is familiar to anyone who has brought sealed food such as a bag of chips or a bottle of soda from high in the mountains down to sea level. The pressure is much higher at lower elevation compared to the pressure within the bad, so the bag appears to deflate. The opposite effect can be observed when traveling up the mountain: the bag appears to inflate.

My question is: Is there a way to create an implantable project that creates a pocket within the skin for inflating or deflating based on surrounding air pressure in such a way that one could predict with some level of accuracy a change in future weather?


  • a tincan of your favorite implant grade material with a membrane. I'd recommend platinum.
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