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I was looking at and I saw they sell different types of scalpels not knowing I googled ware they are used and why. I figured that this might be worth adding to the wiki, I don't know how that would work but under "tools and test protocols" it was completely blank. Exert from here: LINK

The No.10 blade, with its large, curved cutting edge, is one of the more traditional blade shapes used in veterinary surgery. It is generally used for making large incisions in the skin and subcutaneous tissue, as well as cutting other soft tissues.

The No.11 blade is an elongated, triangular blade sharpened along the hypotenuse edge. It has a strong, pointed tip, making it ideal for stab incisions and precise, short cuts in shallow, recessed areas. It is used in various procedures, such as the creation of incisions for chest tubes and drains, opening major blood vessels for catheter insertion (cut-downs), removing the mop ends of torn cruciate ligaments, and for meniscectomy.

The No.12 blade is a small, pointed, crescent- shaped blade sharpened along the inside edge of the curve. It is sometimes utilized as a suture cutter. Occasionally the No.12 blade is used for cat declaws and disarticulating small joints, such as those between the metacarpals, metatarsals, and phalanges during digit amputation.

The No.15 blade has a small, curved cutting edge. It is one of the most popular blades in small-animal surgery because its shape is ideal for making short and precise incisions. It is utilized in a variety of surgical procedures, including the excision of small skin lesions, or- gan biopsy, and ne neurological applications.

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I will be willing to rewrite that in my own words for community review after I do some more research.


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