Looking for m31 or m36



  • Any updates? I've been waiting for this for ages haha
  • ok all is healed well nice tricks i can play on people with keys and coins. will post some images here soon
  • They work. That last one looks nasty was it a magnet?
  • that is magicians, had torn the sutures out and had to re suture myself. will show 2 days post implant
  • ok i can get 4mm x 2mm disc magnets in parylene coating and also get rods  2mm x 6mm in parylene coating. 

    i will update as and when they are ready. will be grade N52
  • Very nice congrats!
  • it was mentioned earlier that thicker coating=less sensitivity. Is this really true? That is, would, say, .5mm of coating make an implant drastically less sensitive?
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    .5mm is huge for the m31. >~<

    .5mm on the two flats would add an extra 1mm to its thickness. That's doubling it's thickness and bringing it up to a 4mm diameter cylinder 2mm tall.

    Volume of such a cylinder would be approximately 25.1mm3. The volume of a m31 with no coating would be 7.1mm3.

    You now have a mass of material with 25 cubic millimeters with the strength of a mass of 7 cubic millimeters of magnetic material. To quantify this, i believe an N42 magnet is somewhere in the margin of 80% as strong as a N52? please don't 100% quote me on this, but I think its something like this. 

    A magnet with this thick of a coating is dropping to below 40% mass of magnetic material. Density. magnetic strength, etc play roles in this which I may not be intimately familiar... But It's trying to more a lot more stuff than it has the capacity to do with its strength/size ratio.

    A magnet is like a bag of chips... The stuff inside that fills in makes us sad. :c
  • i have 10  3mm x 1mm parylene magnets available inbox me if you are interested. they are grade N52
  • here is me messing about sorry not the best of videos but first time i tried it 

  • i am going to experiment and do an implant and then inject the area with steroids to add and help with healing
  • Steroids of what variety? Cortisol will slow down healing, just so you know.
  • it is triamcinolone acetonide
  • Ok, /me kneel down before the forum to beg forgiveness for the delays.

    So I eventually found an appropriate test for the magnets, and tested all of them, to my dismay, all but 5 of the original 100 began to corrode pretty quickly.

    However, they all corroded at a few points around the edge of the disk, the center of the disk never corroded at all.

    I've talked to the manufacturer about the issues and we've decided on an approach that will hopefully fix the issues. another batch is currently being manufactured. 

    and before anyone asks, I'm not selling the 5 that passed the test, I want to keep them as a control group when testing the next batch.

    We will get TiN magnets eventually, but they absolutely must be safe and fully tested. Our bodies are too important to take risks with.
  • Great, please take your time to test the magnets. Of course, I want one very soon, but better safe than sorry. I dont want a magnet, that I have to remove again in just a few months.

    Keep up the good work. looking forward to your results,

  • Yay results! :D

    Bad results. But still useful ones. Best of luck Alex, thank you for testing them. Much better than the alternative. #_#
  • ok i have 20x m31 and 20x m36 neo mags garde N52 coated in parylene c coating. inbox me for further info
  • So stoked to get m31s back into production!
  • Any progress to date? I like that we're being thorough with the tests and such, but I'm so excited to get my hands on one. So that I can get one in my hands. 
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    @Alexsmith I think I'm rolling around. on fire. c_c

    I think it's time to poke you about this. Not even mad with all the other cool stuff that's going on, because it's still super cool. but is there any update on m31's of late? Still haven't forgotten you were working on cool ones. :o

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