Looking for m31 or m36



  • @chironexIf you need some help breaking down your magnets, I got access to a bunch of nice chemicals. Sulfuric, hydrochloric, nitric, sodium hydroxide to name a few.
  • the point isn't to break them down... it's just to test if they're screwed up.
  • Offer still stands, need some help testing the coating don't hesitate to ask.
  • i can get hold of 100 x  m31 in parylene coating. they are grade N52 so its a decent magnet. let me know and if i can get multiple orders i can reduce costs as parylene is coasting a lot. 
  • any idea on cost, Mike?
  • Parylene is know to cause complications, I don't know it for being super reliable....
  • I got a parylene magnet. So far, so good. Anything I should expect if coating fails?
  • Swelling I know is one.
  • Pus build up and reddening.
  • death and rectal bleeding from the eyes. I kid, it'll swell and hurt, possible pus. Depending which part of the coating fails, paralyene or the nickel you may get some blackness from the magnet oxidizing. Eitherway it'll get mighty uncomfortable and you'll know. If it happens you'll need to get it out.
  • So there's little it may be rejecting.
  • Any magnet can be rejected by the body. No matter what the coating.
    @Rytcd not sure on costing as yet as it depends on how many I can shift. The more the cheaper. My paralene coated mags can be coated more than your standard coated ones. Thus making more safe. But I stress and daughter all magnets must be sterilised properly. I average my N52 mags to sell at about 60usd plus shipping. I can get a stronger magnetic disc too but they are strong enough to erase hard drives and wipe bank cards. poa for them
  • @mikem more coating means less sensitivity and more bulk inside you.  that's not a positive selling point.
  • We are talking microns. The coating does not affect the guass of the magnetic. Strength not affected
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    @mikem I would be interested in a paralyne magnent, as long as they are assured to be safe/ have a reliable coating. 
  • Any updates, @AlexSmith? :o

    Maybe I haven't been sacrificing enough goats. >~< More patience necessary.


    I'm not one to pull up the 'Which is superior, TiN or Paralyne' argument, lack of functioning knowledge. I personally am more inclined to prefer TiN, but I haven't necessarily heard bad things about Paralyne. at least compared to silicone, etc.

    As always, do more research if unsure. :D
  • I'd also like to echo caution in using the parylene coated magnets.  I had two in, one in my finger and one in my wrist, for between 2-2.5 years. The one in my finger ached on occasion but never really hurt or caused any swelling.

    I took them both out because I was going to start working with MRIs and when I cut them out they were both in really bad shape.  There was no coating left on the one in my finger and the neodymium was breaking down.  The coating on the one in my wrist was bubbling and had worn off in places.  

    So I would get a different coating if you can.
  • There's an answer. Ahhhh No thanks. >~<

    That's what I thought was the case, but at the same time I know Paralyne is also one of the more popular 'higher grade' choices, compared to what I would bracket as a 'bad' choice and then just foolish ones.

    But again, not enough information to argue with, other than TiN is surgical grade for load-bearing artificial joints that has successful backed up usage in the past.
  • In that case I will hold off. Patience is a virtue. Thanks for the info
  • just had 5 implants done today.better way than using a scalpel i used a needle
  • Do you have the Magnet implant gdocs? You should put your stats up there.
  • Personally I am very interested in using a needle for implantation. It moves the procedure more into the realm of self surgery. Ive heard that the main reason that using a needle is not encouraged is due to the fact that you cannot make as deep of a pocket for the magnet to sit in.

    Keep us updated if it looks like they will reject.

    Where did you implant them, what needle did you use, etc?
  • i had holier than thou do it up in manchester uk. he used needle as from past experience it heals quicker. i had magicians one on top of wrist. he went deep with all and i must admit it hurt as he made the opening and then created a pocket further in for where the magnet sits. so from where the suture is to where the magnet is there is a gap of about 5mm. so far no rejection and i have cleaned and changed the dressing 2 times and all looks good. i will upload some pics here but i and not sure how to add so some help would be great and you can see.
  • i never had any pain relief during the procedure. the first hurt as one does not know what to expect but after the 5th one it felt ok. nothing unbearable. they are all pushed into their own little pocket away from sutures and i forget i have magnets and i attract metal things. feels weird.  i had them done on both ring fingers and baby fingers to create a 3d feel effect and then one on top of right wrist about 1 inch from the bending bit of top of wrist
  • I see Magician's Magnet, so I am assuming you went with Haworth's Parylene?

    I have looked around at injection of magnets, the needles looks huge. Not exactly afraid of needles, but the scalpel seems a little more 'Tested', at least if nothing else because of still continuing development of injection. Following around with injection though. ^^

    Keep us updated :D

    @Alexsmith Any luck on testing that batch yet? Or are things still being stupid/busy :s
  • AF1QipP5pTBydEr6gNxCjUNZ2a4L99N6347T2RF_taU  my left hand  2 x implants

     can find the wrist image 
  • @zerbula. yes one is magicians magnet. the skin was cut with scalpel for that as the hole needs to be bigger for the  magnet as the others are smaller. as you can see in my pics the marking one where the box is , is where the magnets are sitting. so they are well away from the suture.

    the needle allows quicker healing as it does not make a straight cut so to say. as it been angled the skin has more surface to heal with. 
  • @mikem I think your links are broken.
  • ok sorry i don't know how to do it properly then

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