Looking for m31 or m36



  • Avio yeah, I charge the same shipping rate anywhere in the world.
  • Has @chironex had any more success with his deposition rig?
  • Nope. Ive got bigger projects to deal with ATM so its been pushed to the back. I'll get back to it after body hacking con but prep for that has my attention. I need to redo my vacuum system to get the pressure lower so things will coat properly. I can now make TiN easily I just can't get it to fly off and hit the thing I'm coating. That requires lower pressure and I seem to have either a leak or shitty hose. Either way its a day or two of work I can't do atm
  • I know it might be a bit much to ask, and I sincerely hope I'm not being a bother with all of my questions, but how long do you think it'll be before the chemical you're using to test comes in and you are able to start chemically testing the m31's?
  • Avio The chemical was shipped over a week ago, so I hope it arrives soon, but I don't have a tracking number for it, so I can't tell how long until it gets here. Once i've got it I'll start testing right away, it will probably take a few days to test all the magnets.
  • Still not there? Hmm
  • Do you think you will sometime in the future do smaller magnets than M31? I know it was decided to be optimal size for both party tricks and sensing EM fields, but I still think its too big. I would love a magnet that is under 2 mm by 1 mm, that way I wouldnt be that scared to implant it, and it wouldnt be as restraining for manual work. (even if it's not as strong, I'm sure there will be more people wanting this)
  • its so difficult to get in the UK and the clinics charge ridiculous prices! when are the new m31s coming into stock?
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    Xaion27 they will be available once they are tested, read this thread for more details, but testing has to be finished before I'll make them available.

    Zlekrat I'm not currently planning to get smaller magnets, but if enough people want them I can get them manufactured.
  • Smaller then a M31? What's the point?
  • easier operation, better for people who carry heavy objects, easier to take out, more places to put it. Also you would still feel EM fields and pick up paperclips,so I dont see the point of getting something bulkier unless you need to show off your spoon-picking skills
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    Hey looking for some m31's if anybody has them please message me. Hopefully by the end of march. I live in Seattle   
    Thank you.
  • Actually, with smaller mags, you wouldn't have nearly the same sensitivity or lift.
  • Are payrlene coated magnets ready for implementation? They seem way cheaper than TiN magnets.
  • Honestly I just want a magnet that is able to be implanted for longer periods of time than around 3 years.
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    @glims & @Zlekrat I have no implant yet so I have no idea what is "nearly the same sensitivity or lift", but here's an interesting video of a guy that removed his shattered implant but still has a tiny fraction of the magnet left in his finger.

    I am wandering how much more sensitivity you get with a full M31, so if anyone can explain, please do, because after this video I was also thinking that a smaller magnet would be enough and less dangerous to shatter. (which is my only worry)

  • well, from what I've seen the difference isn't actually that big. Lets look at these 2 magnets as an example:

    second one is twice as big, yet the difference is about 20%
    if I put the same logic on M31, having magnet half the size with 20% less strenght would be (at least for me) better than the big one.

  • I suggest reading @Cassox blog post about the magnet size differences. I think this link to his new blog works.

    Theres a breakdown of the sizes and the field of effect from each.
  • @Zlekrat I was also flirting with that tiny, first magnet. And from the video I've posted, it is probably sufficient for someone who doesn't care to pick up things.

    Nevertheless there will be a quite a difference because field strength is only part of the story. The surface area of the magnet is a crucial, since you will get a wider area vibrating and more or your nerves will be triggered, which equals more feel. Specifically difference in diameter, difference in height won't make much, if any, difference (like the magnets you posted).
  • I read that blog post,  but I would still prefer something like 1 or 1,5mm diameter 1 or 0,75mm height magnet. I dont care about picking up magnetic stuff, or that I will feel the EM fields only from small distance, I would feel much safer having something smaller and I'm sure many others would too. If I see implant safe magnet smaller than M31 I will be going for it.
  • There are plenty of people with magnets that do boxing, parkour(free running), martial arts, musical instruments, electronics of all sorts, plenty of things that could mess with with or cause damage to their magnets. The difference is they made sure to be careful. They modified how they do things like climbing.

    I have a glass tube in my hand. I was paranoid if it would brake from sudden impact from a hammer (I do construction). All I did was baby the hand for a few weeks and now the only time I realize it's there is in a storm (weird I know) or at the gym lifting and forget to change the grip of that hand. My chip is in a different spot then most.

    I guess my point is if your worried about safety you probably shouldn't have it. You are putting a foreign object into you finger and you are most definitely going to do something that will hurt but how much is all on how conscious you are of it.

    I personally don't have one for a few reasons but when I can I will get one and it will be an m31 because I don't want something that hasn't been tried and tested for functionality and best all around. Your saying you care about safety on it how safe is something not many people have experience with?

    Just my input.
  • Absolutely not saying that I would rather have untested smaller magnet over M31. First thing I posted into this thread was a question to AlexSmith, whether he will have smaller magnets than M31 in the future with the same tests and all.

    As I said before, I have my reasons to want smaller magnets, I was merely asking whether there will be possibility of getting them from reliable source, and how many people on this site would actually be interested in them. So far nobody besides me wants it, instead everyone keeps explaining why 3 by 1 mm size is better.

    Where I live is 50 USD (+ 20 USD shipping)  quite a lot of money, and I want to start small so I will know if I want to  go bigger in the future.
  • fyi, the dimethylglyoxime still hasn't shown up, so I've ordered more from a different source. Hopefully one of them will get here soon.
  • Any progress, AlexSmith? 

    Sorry to beat a dead horse if it's dead. Bur curious to know about timeframes should their be a secondary option to the months from Dangerous Things. 

    Patiently waiting and watching. Wishing you luck, and don't work too hard. ^^
  • Zerbula + everyone: I have good news and bad news.
    I got the dimethylglyoxime yesterday, and started testing today. First I tested a normal non TiN coated magnet, just to make sure the test was working correctly. after a couple of minutes in the solution it turned a nice pinkish color, exactly as I expected.

    I then tested a TiN coated magnet which had a defect, to check the test worked to identify defective magnets. It didn't work, so I tried scratching the TiN off to make sure the underlying metal was exposed, and then tried cutting a magnet in half to fully expose it. None of these tests worked, the exposed metal didn't turn pink at all. 

    The test I was doing is called a gravimetric nickel test. The reason I was doing this test is because almost all neodymium magnets are coated in nickel to protect the neodymium, then outer layers of other metals are added if needed, in this case TiN. The human body reacts badly to nickel, so if any of the underlying nickel is exposed through holes in the TiN, the magnet will reject. This is why I was doing the test.

    The good news:
    The fact that I got no reaction implies there magnets were not first coated in nickel. This is great, a layer of nickel adds unneeded bulk to the magnet, and if it becomes exposed will react with the tissue around it and cause the magnet to reject. Not having a nickel coating is great. 

    The bad news: 
    not being nickel coated means I can't use the gravimetric test to check for holes in the TiN. I will need to find another test. this will take more time.

    need to find another test :'(, but in the long run these magnets will be better than the original M31s :D
  • That's.... awesome!/slight irksome. X_X

    I honestly have no idea anything in the nature of these chemicals, you explain it quite well though, thank you much for extrapolating. Knowledge. <3

    Um...  No idea on how to help, other than to wish you luck ofc, but If there's something I can do let me know. I'll do what i can. ^^

    In relationship to coatings on these magnets, that Nickel layer on there being what protects the magnet's internal surface and gives it a smooth, sealed outside, keeping the material inside, etc, is still being bad for the body. If I nderstand correctly, the composition of Neodymium is toxic to us as well? 

    I mean, ofc it is. X_X scratch that. it's late, I need to get in bed.

    But having one less layer is less unmagnetised mass and better bonding to the internal material, correct? Excited to see what comes out of them ^^ I may want to claim a pair of these guys if they are perfect when the time comes.
  • Thanks for keeping us updated, Alex
  • I am eagerly awaiting the fruit of your labours. :)
  • could try some HCl. If there's a defect it should start eating into the magnet. But TiN is inert enough it should withstand it. If the neodymium reacts it'll bubble, or if it's really slow the solution will go purple/blue.
  • On the topic of TiN coatings... IS there anything that specifically damages it, out of curiosity, that might not quite completely wreck skin or whats below? As far as like... Well... I'm not sure. Just a general list or is it a huge one. x-x

    Bad habit of playing with chemicals I shouldn't too much, even with gloves. Want to know if there is anything that's going to potentially be bad for it/give me yet another excuse to be careful with it. :s
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