Build a stack for a collegiate swimmer

What supplements and nootropics would you take as a collegiate athlete? Specifically looking at swimming but also running.


  • You need to be way more specific than that. You have to take in consideration , Age , gender , Diet , Body type ,  Syle of life (how much time you spent sitting on how much in the gym) .

    When you speak of running you mean marathon or sprint? They have very different chemical requisite.  I never did swim so I'm not aware of the chemical requirement. 

    More importantly you do it for fun or for competitions? Because I would just suggest supplements to the diet for fun and no specific nootropics. I think if you go to a gym or look up a book of diet that is enough 
  • Strychnine is a classic. Low dose of course. I've always been curious myself although if you mess up and get toxic it's supposed to be really terrible. Probably mostly not being serious. Mostly.

    Of course anabolic steroids are fantastic for this type of stuff. If done correctly, there's little risk and lots of benefit. I don't think there's a work around for the cholesterol issues but if you read up on some steroid forums there's a lot of good stuff.

    Now, taking a more Grind perspective on this - Trehalose. This is a sugar found in the blood of insects like weevils. It's basically two glucose bound together. If you take it orally, there is a brush border enzyme called trehelase I think that splits it down to glucose. But IV? I'm not sure. There have been human trials, but I haven't looked into the metabolic pathway. I've always wondered if you could IV load yourself up with trehalose, and then during a long term activity like a triathalon administer the enzyme to break it down. It'd be like stored energy.. if we could slow the release of the enzyme maybe we could get like a steady conversion rate. Like an internal Gatorade? Maybe we can make this a future project.

  • hmm. Like a time release thing? That is interesting.

    Was that EPO (repoxygen) stuff ever a worthy hack? That seems like it would be great for swimming and running. I haven't stayed up with the news on that stuff though. I know it is banned. So it must be cool.

    One of our members was making his fingers webbed. I don't think it quite worked, but I thought the concept was sound.
  • You just caught my attention with the webbed fingers. Was there a page made on that?
  • It popped up on the facebook group, but I can't remember who the user was. He used lab grown tissue if I remember right and stitched it in place. I think it got infected. I imagine this would be difficult to do right because hands tend to touch lots of things and can get exposed to lots of stuff. But it is definitely possible.
  • I remember it too although differently. I think he tried to do it as a graft but didn't transfer any of the vasculature. This should be a relatively easy thing if you did a skin flap type of surgery. Takes a while to get back to full functionality though and the results can be kind of ugly.
  • Nat, I stumbled across a website called "the bioneer":

    He has a YouTube channel with videos as well where he goes into detail about supplements and nootropics. It might be worth checking out, although he seems more partial to bodybuilding.
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    I think i e seen that page and it was about body building specificity and supplements for it. Still could be of use.

    Edit: my buddy uses it for bodybuilding with supplements and information for shows.
  • @nat, if you're a collegiate athlete involved in any officially sanctioned and scored sport, you probably have some governing body that restricts what you're allowed to take.

    If you're not, their banned chemical list is probably a great place to start.

    As for my two cents, those are both sports that favor high energy levels over a long term, so mitochondrial and oxygen carrier support stuff like PQQ, ALCAR/ALA stack, methylene blue, EPO, etc. would be a way to go. The thing is, most of this stuff will be marginal improvements. None of it is a substitute for training hard and eating right.
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