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Just found this article on a new material called graphene. Apparently it can be used to create magnetic fields when stretched, among many other fascinating properties. I'm not really sure of the implementation or practical uses of this yet, or how easy or hard it is to aquire/produce, but I thought you guys might find it interesting. The article is here:

Is anyone here interested in/experimenting with this or something like it?


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    "new material called graphene"

    it's been around since 1856, so nope not new. It's easy to produce and I show how to make it on my youtube channel. LINK Im using it to make conductive inks, super capcitors, and bullet proof plastic to name a few things. There's hundreds of ways to produce it but ultrasound is by far the easiest.

  • Lol OK that's awesome. I guess I should of researched it more before posting... Sorry about that. I just saw this doing my daily news reading and thought it was fascinating. The idea of using it in computers is also really interesting. I've been trying to teach myself everything I can about this stuff, because despite being a junior biochem major I'm finding that I don't know nearly enough. They should teach this in high school since it's such an important part of our everyday lives. Everyone should know at the very least how mechanical motors work, basic electrical components and circuitry, and basic practical chemistry (not just the theoretical stuff I'm learning in school but how it actually applies).

    I want to build a home lab / workshop, because hands on experience is imo the best way to learn. Any suggestions on where to start?
  • I highly suggest watching some of @chironex videos in the link he posted they detail lab setups and things you would need. That is for both chem and electronics he has. Also has quite the interesting videos anyway.

    Now that I'm done fanboying his videos.....

    Here's my input on home labs don't blow it up or make toxic gas by accident. Sorry I know nothing on chemistry to be more help.
  • "Don't blow it up"

    Lol I will do my best. I did subscribe to his channel. You've done a great job with it... I love the videos. Where do you get all your materials? I mean I know you can get 100% acetone (I have some), an ultrasound machine for cleaning jewelry, and your basic beakers and distillation set up online, but graphite powder (without sitting there and grinding up pencils, which most likely would not yield a very pure product)? Do you have access to a lab, or do you know of a supply company that will sell to individuals? Or do you just use things that are intended for some other purpose?

    I've always thought it would be easy enough to create a scientific 'company' (company on paper alone), and use that to purchase professional supplies. Since I'm not planning on making meth I don't think it would be of big interest to law enforcement. I don't know how much background checking is done, but it's so easy to create companies and websites now that I don't think it would be too hard.
  • ebay is your friend when it comes to chemicals. same with graphite. bought 150g for 25-30 bucks. 
  • It is fairly easy to create a scientific company on paper to ship supplies to. Your state will effect the cost and litigation and often you need to have a "business address" as opposed to your home address, cause many of them don't send to houses or apartments.

    other than that, have at it
  • So glims do you have a cheap building somewhere that’s not your home, or are you running it through a PO box?
  • They won't ship to a PO box. Currently, I have a friend who has a llc who does sciencey stuff, so when I need something, I call him.

    However! you are just looking at getting graphite or graphene. It's inert. You can order a bucket of it and no one cares. Look for companies that aren't sigma aldrich, as they are ridiculous and you don't need that nonsense. Heck, HomeDepot sells graphite powder as a dry lubricant for hinges.

    If you want to get more serious, you need to look into getting a location. Get some friends together and chip in on a space. Be a maker :)
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