Writing HID-WG37 to the DT xEM and the cyberize ATA5577

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I successfully wrote my HID work name card to 2 microchips, one already inside my body with a fairly cheap USB writer from aliexpress.

At least where I am from the HID systems are the most common on the market and are very common in office buildings, hope this is useful information for someone here 



  • How does this method compare to using the reader/writer sold on cyberize.me?
  • It should be a lot simpler to use that one.

    I ordered a copier like that online (not from cyberize) that claimed to be HID copier but turned out not to work for me, it did work on the EM400 tags I had laying around but not the HID ones.

    maybe I had a different copier then cyberize or maybe it only supports the WG26

    Without having the copier from cyberize I'm not gonna make any claims on that.
  • Hi gbit , glad you got it working, I just wanted to comment on the copier. There are two models, as you found out, one copies HID and EM400, one only copies EM400. The problem is they look identical, same packaging and labeling, even the same PCB if you open up the case, the only difference is the program on the micro controller. The first copier I got was on of the cheaper ones which only do EM400, then I got one of the others and it does HID too, so be careful when choosing a cloner, they look identical.

    The read range is really bad, some people have had issues with deep implants, but they are a lot easier to use than the copiers requiring a computer, since there is no extra software, just point and click.
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