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First of all I'm new here, so hi everyone : )

I'm thinking of getting a magnetic implant. No... I am going to get an implant, it's just a matter of details. There don't seem to be any professionals near me, at least that I've found, and traveling to New York or Arizona is out of the question (if anyone knows of someone within driving distance of northern VA, let me know). So... I suppose I will do it myself. I've done a couple piercings, but nothing like this, and I'm a bit nervous. I've read the wiki, but I have some questions.

* I've gathered that the titanium coated implants over at dangerous things are the best, but on the webpage there's a notice saying that they are not in stock, and that they're fixing some manufacturing problems (or something to that effect). Were there problems with the old implants? If so, what? Is it fair to ask if anyone knows when they might have more?

* Is it possible to inject magnets in the same fashion as RFID chips? If not, is it just a matter of precision? And on a side note, why don't we coat them in glass like the RFID chips? Would it decrease the power of the magnet? Has anyone experimented with this? What were the results? Would it even be possible to mold glass that small? Or would it be heat issue that prevents it?

* I have small, bony fingers. I wear a small glove in lab and still have a bit of room. Is this something I should be concerned about? Exactly how much space does the implant need without impeding on the surrounding tissue structure/nerves/etc. Does anyone have experience with this? All the videos I've seen so far have been of men getting implants. Of a related note (and I know this may just be too much of a detailed/personal of a thing to answer), a few years ago when I first entered recovery, I gained some weight. I'm now in the process of losing it again (about halfway there), but will losing the rest of the weight effect the placement of the implant? I don't have a lot of extra fat/flesh on my fingers in the first place, but I'm concerned that the little bit that I do have will vanish and the skin will become tight around the implant. Again, anyone have experience with this?

* I may have access to some sterile betadine as my father recently had back surgery. He was given tons of little packets for disinfecting the wound. Is this equal in effectiveness to chlorohexadine? I believe it's what they use in surgery (they used it in the vet clinic where I worked in high school), but I'd like to be sure it will work.

Sorry if these have been asked before, and thanks in advance for your answers/patience/time!

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