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So at this point I've done a good bit of research on magnetic implants, and plan to get one myself in the next few months. However, I'm having trouble finding a good graph of areas to not make the incision in (graph of major veins/arteries/etc).  Does anyone know where I could find one, more specifically oriented for my left ring finger?
Also, another question, do you think taking an ibuprofen before the procedure would have any effect on the pain levels?  I'm hopefully getting lidocaine from Dangerousthings, but would that on top of it have really any effect at all?  If not for pain, would it help swelling?
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      Yeah, it's closer to what I'm looking for, but do you know of the whereabouts to a graph for just all primary veins and tendons in the hand? Pretty much just everywhere to be wary of when making the incision. (I've read all of the wiki, can't seem to find what I need.)
  • Adding the term "diagram" to a Google search does a great job of filtering out unwanted STUFF as ElectricFeel has just shown.
  • An incision in your finger will heal I have had serious cuts on my hands many times all over my fingers (one nearly went through my thumb fully) and have never lost sensations as the human body was designed to take a beating and will heal. 

    As you already know about DT you can also look on there for a local piercer that has done this before and book a consultation to speak with someone directly that has performed this before they will also show you on your hand where the cut is and also answer why. 

    you have said you would like to know about the hand are you planning to implant the magnets other than the finger tips? The finger tip was chosen as it has the most nerve endings in location that also works well for the magnets. 

    I have done lot of research but compared to a lot of people on here I am still a newb too, I am going to stick to what they have tried and tested until I have read up lots on Biology as we could go and get magnets installed anywhere but we don't know how to tell if we have made a big mistake yet.
  • Try googling anatomy of fingers / hand on the large image size setting. To narrow it down, try adding tendons / nerves/ blood vessels (or arteries veins). I found several great pics when I was looking into it showing how the tendons and nerves run two on the top of your fingers and two on the bottom. There's a nice space on the side of your fingers on the last (tip) joint that is basically just fat and tissue. That's where you're aiming.
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