[humour] We should set up a community

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We should setup a seasteading community and call it "Wolf 359".

Then when governments attack it we can name the battle, well...... star trek fans will get it


  • make it "Bad Wolf 359" so whovians get their share,too.
    Seasteading is an interesting concept. Had fun discussions about it in the past but.. most of it boiled down to quite fancy funding requirements to get the initial platform going. Modular expansion would be less of an issue. Pirates are a big deal tho. Freakwaves,too (if you decide to build only a small version due to limited funding)
    If you were to get serious with it, i could provide potential locations and tips on construction.
  • Could also call it "Mother base" and get metal gear fans in on it.........

    Wasn't a serious idea, see the [humour] tag
  • Heh. I'd be interested in seeing how significant the benefits of "fresh air" would be in the long term. And whether or not it would be better for the environment as well.
  • Um I'm game for this even if it is originally a joke. can you say hydrogen fuel
  • Does the Hindenburg ring any bells or Jonestown? But really how safe would hydrogen full be? That's also your only land at sea....
  • I can say hydrogen fuel, but what's the point of that?
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    I love the idea of hydrogen fuel kinda my little thing. Plus who says things will blow up again @johndoe.

    The Hindenburg was a cocktail of things that could go wrong did go wrong and I think that error could be avoided.

  • Also, the Hindenburg has nothing to do with hydrogen fuel. That's like throwing your hands up in the air the second someone mentions nuclear power due to past events that were "a cocktail of errors". 

    Hydrogen seems like it would work pretty well, though being at sea I would consider renewables like solar, wind, and tidal energies. You could use these renewable energy sources for power to break water down into hydrogen for fuel and also for desalination.
  • Floating solar farm... sounds like a plan to me.
  • As for energy offshore: wind, oceanic currents, tidal, solar.
    As for fresh water: no need to desalinate with tons of electricity. Just heat it (preferably by solar) condense the humid air (cooling water is available in abundance.
    As for food: fish and hydrocultures.
    As for the platform there are considerations to be taken into account. Like you'd probably want to tether it to the ground (preferably on an underwater-mountain). Buoyancy providing elements should be located more than 30m below sea level and the platform itself more than 30m above sea level to provide reasonable protection against rouge waves. Tethering in this fashion will keep the anchoring wires under tension, providing a mostly stable platform even during rough weather. Buoyancy elements could be old pressure-vessels with a added mechanism to keep the inside pressure a few bar over the water pressure to prevent them from collapsing.
    guess technically it's very similar to tension leg platforms used for oil drilling.

    Due to the sheer size it's not something you can easily do it home. Shipyards should have no problem building it in a short amount of time.

    Maybe there are ways to build a living version of it too. Made from sort of trees or so. No expertise on that from my end, would be darn cool tho.

    For supplying important stuff such as medical supplies I'd suggest building carrier drones to fly errands to the next coast. Floatplane types would be an idea. Not exactly difficult to do given today's tech level.
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    Slightly off-topic, but some of these machines here would be useful if there was a big enough ship or we found a deserted island. http://opensourceecology.org/
  • @_mz_o__ there are no deserted islands. They are all claimed, even if uninhabited. You'd have to find some mountain underwater which reaches high enough to make tethering reasonable (there are many underwater plateaus/mountains ranging -300 to -200m check google earth). You'd also want to remain in an area which is of no interest for other parties (no resources nearby, no pirates, no strategic importance etc). You'd also want to stay within a few hours of flight near a coast.
    The opensourceecology stuff is more interesting onshore. Talking about onshore, how about an underground city in a desert? Condensing drinking water from air (or collecting them with zeolite). Anyone got a few tons of that stuff around? And some nearby desert which is not bombarded due to fights over oil? We can totally name that one vault 111. Walls made from molten sand/glass.
  • Can't use 111 we claimed in in mass sorry. I'm personally a fan of humid wet areas instead of dry....

    I'd say the only only threat from pirates would be if your in that kinda area. Personally I think that a "security" team on the colony (yes I'm calling it a colony because it is) would more then likely be enough to deter or at least show it won't be an easy pickings. Obviously if they are more like a small army your screwed.

    One thing I could see happening though is people who leave one and form another quite possibly could cause war just like with countries. Some areas would be more favorable.

    On a side note imagine the advances you could make technology wise and medically not having to be under the same laws that prohibit testing and development based on the "you aren't God!" Or that's wrong. I think it could be like what's shown in tomorrow land where the limit is what you could imagine.
  • Issue is resources. It's tricky to get Amazon to deliver to 1 OffShore place, at least until they have drones down...
  • building your own drone and getting amazon delivered to an address onshore should be fairly easy
  • Gps coordinates would work for an address. It would have to be an option while ordering
  • A drone stretch is pretty limited though, VTOL capable drones only have a range of a few dozen miles. The larger drones like the GlobalHawk have 24 hour flight times, but that's not gonna be delivering any kind of package you'd like to be receiving.
  • I posted this as just a silly pun that came to mind after reading "the transhumanist wager" and watching star trek, and you guys all took it seriously.

  • no need for VTOL drones. Steering it into a big catching net offshore, or landing it on a lake should be easy enough. Even parachute landing would be a good option if no lake is available. A scaled down and modernized V1 would provide plenty of payload at low construction cost (cause well it's basically a payload with wings and engine). But then, something with water-landing capability would probably be preferable. If you build a mold for some pu-foam parts, you can build a cheap aluminum reinforced foam aircraft.

    If you like living dangerously, the great meteor seamount may be the right thing to go for. Makes about 2000km to Portugal

    The flamish cap is a bit more to the canadian side of the ocean. St John's on Newfoundland would be the next closest town with about 650km. Bit cooler there, and more fish. I'd expect very few pirates.

    Altho the great tablemount is closer to teneriffa (which is a really sweet place), I'd opt for the flamish cap due to practical reasons.

    As for the drone. Design goal should probably be around 800km range and fast flight to make the trips despite winds. Would probably end up requiring jet engines and a cruise speed of somewhere around 500km/h. Not exactly the super-low budget solution, but possible. A 250km/h with conventional propeller may be an alternative. Basically something like cessna 182. Guess boat-drones would be an option.
  • I would probably have to disagree with drones mostly because of the reasons givin. I think the human element can be used for this with a boat for the best results. That would also give a job opportunity which will help overall.
  • Shipping regular supplies would probably be the best idea. Delivery by air using a drone would only be for the stuff that requires fast delivery, mostly for emergencies (medical supplies, super important replacement parts etc).

    Knowing how difficult it is from living on a tiny island for just a few days, priority should be given to get a self-sustaining platform going (as self sustaining as possible).
    One last thing: internet will probably be horrible and only via sattelite link. Doubt anyone would be willing to toss a few millions worth of fiber optics into the sea.
  • Hmm internet would be a problem but I think if you set up a sort of on site database for the "important" stuff you could get by. It would all depend on the type of people you would have on it. Satellite wouldn't be to bad either just have a chance for it to be blocked from weather.

    These are also just luxury types of items that would be nice to have but definitely not needed to have this.
  • @Meanderpaul that depends how far offshore you are, you could have line of sight from a pier as I doubt we could build an oil rig type complex so we would be close to "shallow waters" 
  • there's no real gain from building it in the economic zone. You'd just make yourself a sightseeing attraction. In that case you'r better off building a cave in some desert and call it the mesa complex. Getting internet there should be far easier,too. Anyone got super remotely located desert properties around? Like no nasty people around at all.
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    Oh the "Mesa Complex" I like the sound of that. Perhaps a terrestrial endeavour would better prepare us for a more aquatic one. 

    Obviously electricity in the desert is plentiful with solar panels. What about food, hydroponics? Water collection? Maybe we could all just live off soylent. 

    Even delivery of resources would be a little easier. A fleet of solar powered autonomous buggies seem a bit more feasible.
    I guess I could get used to the heat....

  • Water is in the air. You need to condense it (by cooling). Alternatively you put zeolite into the air. There are H2O tailored variants which will suck up the humidity even from pretty darn dry air (type 3A i think). To get it out you just have to put it into an oven to cook it dry. Solar-cooking should be no problem in a desert and the material is cheap and sells by tons (1 to 2 USD /kg).
    So at night, vent your zeolite, at day cook it and condense the steam into water. Not exactly high tech. Once you have water, growing food is pretty straight forward. Long distance wifi for internet is within technical possibilities.
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    I will link to my ideas and proposals:
    Now that we are getting away from water bases, and moving on to other options here you go.:
    Pirates and weather were a problem at sea level, but what about at 100,000 feet? Plus I have been feeling a little grounded lately.
    Missile silo:
    Lets face it we could easily start a crowd funding and move in. I got dibs on the lowest 2 levels of the missile tube.

    We could also dig our own.

    Mr. Teslonian:
    Just look at his channel. He does a lot of supper relevant R&D....

    I like the idea of a missile silo. God only knows the rockets among many (crazy) things I would build if I had one.*sigh*

    John Doe
  • hm. Digging your own cave isn't exactly difficult. You need hard rock for it to avoid additional support structures. Like granite or gneiss. Take a carbon-arc plasma, pull over the rock and it just falls off when knocked on with the fingers. Biggest problem is finding solid enough rock at surface levels, and getting tons of rocks away from the site (like literally, tons). Of course it's a lot faster to work with explosives but those are highly regulated. Once the rock is cut out in big pieces, cutting it into smaller ones is rather easy. You could sell the cut pieces as pavement, headstones or whatever. Sitting inside a mountain/underground is a bit of a problem tho. Fire is a big danger, ventilation, humidity/excess water. Typically there are no good energy sources nearby either (hydro-power if you are lucky)

    I'd estimate a desert to be the most feasible of all those crazy ideas so far. Once someone build a solar oven big enough to cook a few tons of zeolite each day, so we can have whirlpools. And i forgot to mention, same zeolite can be used for heating, cooling and air-drying too!
  • Why not just build concrete sub-structures, like the bunkers of ye old colde war?
    Hell or even bury 12ft corrugated pipe?
  • you can do that, but they need to be bought/build/transported, put in place and maintained. Carve a dining room into granite and it'll remain there for a few thousand years to come.
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