how to read a EEG electrode template?

I have never seen a head so perfectly round. Is there a tool(s) or a software I need to get in order to figure out ware those would need to be placed on my head? Like know I need my head circumference but how do I find the distance from my scalp? I know these are XYZ coordinates, but those are really exact numbers, what is the tool being used for this called?

John Doe


  • Look up the 10 20 system:

    You can get caps which already have the measurements in place for you and a decent clinical-grade EEG comes with such caps. At the hobbyist level you can get a shower cap and mark out the points yourself, make a little hole for the electrode to poke through and glue it in place.
  • So can I just use one of those fabric rulers or is there a tool being used?
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