Vitals monitoring in a pill sized ingestible package

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I found an article about this today, and hunted down the paper.

Seems like something people here would be interested in.


  • Heh. "Hamming window"

    Seriously, though, +/- 5bpm is fantastic! I wonder if the device could be reused (after sterilization) indefinitely.
  • After it passes through your digestive tract you want to recover it and reuse it by swallowing it again?

    Even if you sterilise it fully, that idea is rather off putting.....
  • It's more of a curiosity about the device's durability. Y'know, how well does its materials stand up to gastric juices, enzymes, etc.
  • @garethnelsonuk this is why i only drink vodka. fish shit in water /s

    seriously tho, sterile is sterile. If you do it right, it's just in your head.
  • Oh, I know it'd be safe, but psychologically the idea is so offputting and the device should be cheap enough that it's better to not reuse it.
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