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Good day ladies, gents, and otherwise.

So a question to those who might know. Yesterday I first noticed my ring finger (haworth magnet) was acting a little sensitive and I thought that perhaps it was just acting up for a strange reason like it has on other occasions in the past. This morning when I woke up I noticed it is rather swollen and extremely sensitive when touched.

My question is, knowing that I didn't hit it against anything, might there be another solid reason as to it acting the way it is? To those who already know me, can vouch that I am rather mindful of my surroundings in general and I'm on top of my 


  • Coating could have gone off.

  • It's possible although I don't think haworth does a two part mold. Pics?
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    Still at work however here is what I could take pictures of. Tell me if there is anything else you would like to know about or another angle perhaps.

    Sorry for potato quality. At work and don't have best lighting.
  • I'd wait to see what @cassox says, but I'd probably say that's magnet related.
  • Oh snap!! Totally forgot that this magnet is the one that @Cassox implanted. Not the Haworth one that was previously in there before the new implant.

    We implanted two m31s and the ring finger was the one that removed the Haworth to put in the m31 for science purposes. The larger scar tissue pocket made me forget that it was changed out. Sorry about that initial confusion.
  • If that's the case, I'd watch it for maybe another day, and if things don't improve, lance, and maybe even remove.
  • Basically what I was thinking as well. Perhaps some Ibuprofen for the sake of the swelling I imagine? Still at work for another hour so I'll wait till I get back to my place before doing anything further.

    Just rather odd that I woke up to it pulsing and feeling rather sensitive considering that I am not aware of any trauma occurring within the past week. Only time will tell.

    If it gets to the point of lancing and cutting, I'll make sure to take videos of the process. Any advice for uploading the videos that would fit best for the forum? Probably YouTube?
  • For the lance. I believe recalling someone mentioning a diabetic needle working just fine? Before I go out and buy it I wanted to double check as I couldn't find the source of where I read something along those lines in the past. I would imagine it isn't thick enough of a needle however I could be wrong.
  • It doesn't have to be super thick. You just want to open the cavity containing the fluid so that it can be evacuated. The diabetic needles referred to are lancets, and if they go deep enough to draw blood, it should be plenty deep enough to allow the fluid to escape.
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    Sweet. Sounds good. Just woke up and noticed it has a hint of black along where the scar was during the implant. 

    So the lighting doesn't help a great deal thanks to the glare however it looks more like a dark purple/blackish color.

    Off to the store to get a lance and then I'll upload more images during that process.
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    Video showing how I lanced my finger. Any advice or input is more than welcome as it was my first time productively prodding a puss filled piece of flesh.
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    Applying a hot compress for a few minutes before is definitely going to help. More importantly, unless @cassox says otherwise, I'd get that puppy out of there... I assume you sterilized your needle. Did you put any sort of antibiotics or medicine on there afterwards?

    Since it's so far out from the implant procedure, I don't imagine it was contamination on the implant itself. And since you've said that no mechanical trauma has occurred, it's likely a coating failure.
  • Duly noted. Yeah I am thinking of either removing it tonight while I have the time, or waiting until tomorrow after my work. I'll probably wait just for the sake of @cassox to share his thoughts.

    Sorry thought I mentioned it in the video, yes I sterilized the needle with alcohol and sterile pads. also washed hands before, dried hands with clean towel, and wiped the finger with alcohol and new sterile pads. Afterwards I just used a new pad soaked in alcohol and wrapped it around the finger for 15 minutes. Took an ibuprofen for the swelling. Don't have anything better at the moment however I live across the street from the grocery store so I can buy anything pretty quickly.

    It is the same finger that previously had a haworth magnet in it so the pocket of scar tissue is thicker compared  to my middle finger which has only had a m31 in it.
  • Hmm as of the moment it hasn't been a problem since I have lanced it. Any reason that a finger would start making pus and then stop afterwards? Assuming there is no physical trauma to it. 90% certain I haven't hit my hand on anything however I can only be so mindful while I am awake. 
    If the coating was bad wouldn't it continue producing pus or would it hold back after a point?
  • If the coating was bad, it would just full on reject. There is no positive middle ground.
  • Gotcha. Well I suppose I'll wait a few more days and see how it looks. I haven't seen any black flesh yet so I remain positive that the coating isn't the issue.

    Thanks all for the input you have provided so far!
  • Recommend taking daily pictures for your own reference so you can monitor slow changes.
  • For sure. During thanksgiving I was wrestling my step-brother and had a minor amount of blood pool where the pus previously was however I took the sterile approach of using a new exacto-knife and just made a small slit so the blood can drain. Afterwards it was cleaned out, it looks like it was just a small blister appearing flap of flesh raised from the pus previously taking up space and after a day or so it should dry out and the extra pieces of skin should die off and look back to normal.
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