Magnet Stings

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I havent been on in awhile, but ive noticed this a little bit ago. When something is pressed against my finger in a certain way it causes it to feel like its being poked with a needle or pinched maybe. Its not like super painful or anything, just like a pinch on my finger tip. I have two magnets, but this is only happening in one finger. I have had them for about a year now. They are pareylene coated and were inplanted by Brian Decker. Just wanted to make sure the biocoating wasnt like deteriorating or anything. Thanks for any help!


  • Colour changes, redness, swelling, etcetcetc?
  • Watch it very closely.
  • Nope, no discoloration or anything. The pain is occuring around the incision sight, which i think is weird because the magnets not very close to were my finger was cut open.
  • I have a few scars on my fingers that do this, mostly from exacto slices. I think it's probably nerve damage, but it never bothered me enough to go to the doctor.
  • It's probably that, where my failed attempts are, big scar tissue, it's sensitive.
  • Well good, as long as its not my magnet deteriorating then it doesn't bother me.
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