Found this , I was thinking to put the money and buy a model , but I was wondering for the coding

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Found this:

I was thinking to buy one. Bad I don't know how to code or if I can make it run. 
Maybe someone else is interested? 


  • A friend of mine has one of these and is working with it
  • It looks like some nice hardware and is on my "buy this once I can afford to do so" list. Certainly seems like it'll be far easier to work with than other EEGs with a similar number of channels due to the open nature of the project.
  •  @garethnelsonuk I believed you had an eeg, it is this one better? 
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    Oh hooray! They're making it cheaper. The current model they're selling on their website was either $399 or $499.

    I'm kinda wondering what the data-transfer rate is, and whether it's good enough to use it as a peripheral control for a computer.
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