Upload your mind? Ectogenesis?

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Although I'm skeptical of the MindFile feature, I think the BioFile feature seems cool. It'll be interesting in the coming years to start seeing better types of these services open for business as tech advances..
link: https://www.lifenaut.com/home/


  • What are your thoughts? I know its a little off topic, sorry.
  • I think the current approaches to this idea are flawed but the concept could work with more development.
  • Agreed. I'm thinking life insurance companies in the future will include policies that cover the costs of cryogenics, ectogenesis, mind uploading in the future.
  • Cryonics, not cryogenics - and it's already usually funded by life insurance.

    Can you define "ectogenesis"?

    As for uploading, i'm of the viewpoint that it's not ever going to be a path for personal survival but storing lots of information about your life could definitely help with repairing lost memories, especially could be useful for cryonics patients as currently there's always some level of brain damage that is unavoidable, meaning memory loss.
  • Oops! Yea, that.

    ectogenesis: for this scenario, basically a concept to grow a new body based on your dna inside an artificial womb.

    And yea I agree. There are tons of possible applications out there. Interesting to think of a board meeting taking place with members consulting a simulation of a mind that was uploaded. But when things get to that point, humans would live way longer, so it might be obsolete. who knows..
  • So, would you then take the memories and things you uploaded and "install" them into the clone?

    I don't have all of the evidence and stuff right here, but I'm of the opinion that there's more to the human mind than just memories. Same issue that came up in the AI thread. Cloning a mind/existence/consciousness doesn't work the same way that cloning a hard drive does, even in theory.
  • @TheGreyKnight Agreed, it would just be a simulation at best. I dont know why, its just interesting to see this in an app though.

    I'm convinced that one crucial step needed cloning a mind, is to learn how to learn like you do.

    Also, I'm more interested in creating an alien intelligence versus an artificial based on our brains, or both. We might be able to builf an alien intelligence thats way more powerful if our aim is not to make it think like we do. Who knows..
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