Magnet Implants for Athletes

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A friend of mine in parkour dynasty (a local group where I train) expressed interest in a magnet implant.  Unfortunately, the implant would be problematic as it would either shatter or damage tissue surrounding the implant.  This is what was also kept me from getting an implant myself.  Are there any alternatives to the standard implant site? 


  • The side of the finger, perhaps?
  • I am not sure that I can handle this ( sort of impact on my magnet 
  • I imagine that if you used a very small magnet, there would be less risk of it cracking or mashing up tissue. I'm not sure how magnet size affects sensitivity - I'd guess that although a smaller magnet would experience less force/torque due to a field, it would also move around more easily inside the finger. So finding a smaller magnet might be a good start.
  • Mine is on the side of the finger, but until the wound is fully healed I can't tell how resistant it is.

    I have, however, resently had another thought. In one of the blogs about these implants I read about such a magnet shattering and (at least partially) dissolving. But the guy didn't cut it out and after a while some or most of the magnet somehow reassembled. (that is what he said, I don't have any proof). So the tissue is now darkened and all, but the sensory input came back.
    The idea I got was to inject small magnetic peaces with a needle and let them assemble themselves right in the tissue. Not only would this make implantation much easier, it would also help with the sports issue. 

    Two problems I could so far think of:
    1. How to prevent them from being washed out by the bloodstream?
    Simple. Make the particles bigger then 10 micrometers. For what I recall in the fingertips there are mainly capillary tubes, wich are smaller than that.
    2. If any of them do get washed out, are they toxic or otherwise harmfull? I don't think so. Not only would they (have to) be coted, just as the bigger discs are. I also read about some scientists wanting to have magnetic particles injected into the bloodstream to clean it. (it was a german source, but I can provide it if someone wants to)

    Of course, this is again some steps further away from DIY, but it might be doable, right? If we could maybe not create that small particles, but small enough to somehow inject them, that would suffice...
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