J147- a neuroprotective compound that might also reverse aging (in mice)

Looks like a promising neuroprotective molecule, J147, is back in the news and I was wondering if anyone in our community has tried it or critiqued the articles. For those who don't know about it, J147 is an orally active neurotrophic compound that was shown to reverse Alzheimer's disease in mice models a few years ago and so far seems pretty safe. 

Recent studies also appear to show that it can reverse aging in mice making "old mice look like they were young, based on physiological parameters." Additionally, it can already be purchased on alibaba.com or cellagentech.com, so there is potential for a future group buy.

http://www.impactaging.com/papers/v7/n11/pdf/100838.pdf (PDF WARNING)


  • While this is cool, bear in mind there is no reason to believe this would have any affect on the brains and vasculature of young individuals, given the drug was only ever tested on old mice. The most recent article has some pretty exhaustive assays tho. 
  • Interested. I'll read up on it. If I don't find anything I don't like id be down.
  • Let me know if there's a group buy, I might want in on it too after researching.
  • Oh! it's a curcumin anlaog, right? Looks interesting, if maybe a bit steep... Mice were fed 10-20mg/kg/day. So, if we are trying to match that... I'm 100kg.... that means I would need to eat a gram a day on the low side. That's 100 dollars a dose. One would need ot look into how low a bulk buy could possibly get that...
  • Also interested in a group buy if it ends up happening. 
  • I poked around the literature a bit. There's a fair bit about j147 but more often people have been studying it's derivatives and improving on it rather than going for the initial compound. Just a thought if we're gonna try it. We may wish to look at a well studied derivative. who knows it may be cheaper if someones got loads kicking around
  • $100 a dose is a bit beyond budget.......
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