MRI Implant Safety

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Okay so I've been forum and wiki crawling quite a bit the last few months, and I'm looking at getting a magnet implanted in my hand. However, I'm a mixed martial artist and I injure myself quite a lot, and one question I can't seem to find the answer to is, what happens if you need an MRI and you have a neodymium magnet in your finger? Something tells me this wouldn't be safe... I did see on a thread somewhere that most of the time the magnets are too weak to trigger airport security detectors, so are they also too weak to interfere with an MRI's magnetic field? Also is there a solution to this if this is a safety hazard?


  • Cassox works in a hospital and he tested this. He said it hurts, but it doesn't get ripped out or anything. Mainly, it would distort any picture by your hand.
  • Very helpful, thank you. A little pain is something I can deal with, chunks of metal ripping out of my hand maybe not.
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