When RFID implants don't work.

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Last night I had the pleasure of officially becoming a grinder (hence my recent joining of this forum) . I did a self injection with the xNT NFC tag into my left hand in the standard area between the thumb and fore finger.

I tried to read the tag right after I implanted it, but my hand was fairly puffy. I figured that the puffiness was preventing my from getting close enough to power and read the chip. So I went to bed.

Unfortunately, it is now the morning after, and the tag isn't picked up by my phone! I have other NFC tags laying around, and it can read and write those just fine, so it is not the hardware on the phone. Obviously, DangerousThings tests everyone of their tags to make that it is working before being shipped off. 

As of now, the only explanation that I can think of is that:

A) The tag is some how misaligned, and can't be powered by the planer coil in my phone
B) They just sent my an empty syringe! (Seems pretty unlikely)

Other than that I really have no idea, but I really hope I didn't spend all of that money just to stick a huge syringe into my hand.

Any help or tips with what I should do would be greatly appreciated. 


  • Give it some time. The read range is very small and any inflammation will hinder it, even if it doesn't look swollen. I think my tag took about 10 days before it was readable.
  • I find it tricky getting the correct alignment to read my tag on my phone too.

    Is the tag visible as a lump under the skin if you stretch your fingers out? Try to find where the NFC coil is and align it carefully, move around a bit until you get it to scan reliably.
  • As with all these things, you need to give it time. Had the same problem with mine but after a few weeks it started working fine.
  • I think most of us have a hard time with the correct alignment reading it using a phone, however, It's much easier using something like a USB reader.
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    No, the tag is not visible under the skin, even if I spread out my fingers. I can't easily feel it either, so I can't move it around. Should I attempt to find it under my skin to move it around, or should I just leave it be, and hope that after the inflammation subsides that it will work?

    Edit: was fiddling with the angle of my phone and got it to read! Thanks for the help guys
  • You misunderstood what I meant - I meant move your hand around, not the chip - the chip should NOT move.
  • It took me a few days to find the perfect spot on my phone and my hand to get a consistent reading and even still I have issues every once and a bit
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