hi :) i'm new here

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Hello everyone. I'm chinche from France. I love sciences, and mostly biology. kinda transhumanist. Having a lot of crazy projects but don't have the stuff to make it. Was wondering about creating some kinda hacking / biohacking / transhumanist association, (we already got the Paillasse in paris). Also interested in psychonatism, nootropics, and lot of stuff. I raise some tenebrio molitor to eat them and also watch them (they are funnily mutating,; and some fly or don't have wings / elytres)

Would be happy to talk about everything.

I'm thinking of growing some myxomycetes and watch them interact (different species like fulgurans and i also have seen some white one (we call them witches chesse) and the little browns on dead leaves and the pink one which looks like eggs.

I also support the project venus.

Love to to it myself things. If you think a topic may interest me, i'll be happy you notify me about.


  • Welcome to the forums! I'm new here too, I'm more focused on tech implants and the like though. What brought you to this place?
  • I am kind of new here, been floating around for about a month. like @thegoatgod I am more focused on improving the human body with technology, Do you have any work in that area?
  • I'm experimenting with some night vision goggles, trying to shrink them down. Either that, or do some night vision genetics like what glims did a while back (He did some drops in his eyes that allowed him to see in the dark). I'm focused on enhancing the sensory perception of the human body.
  • Also new, what is psychonatism?
  • Exploring the mind.. as opposed to the brain.
  • sorry i was very busy and could not answer before ^^. Morris, i wanted to write psychonautism ^^.

    My myxomycetes have grown a bit, and they interact with molds (looks like a very very slow epic battle).

    i'm now designin a quite self-sustained and self-cleaning aquarium with a prehistoric reconstitution :) (triops, ferns, cyccas, moss, irish moss, tubifex, daphnies, chlorella and artemia, helxia).
  • I googled psychonatism only three results came up. Is it like meditation or hooking up the old EEG and trying to control your brain waves?
  • Hi guys, im very pleased to have a possibility to share this ideas. Truly am.
    I am a PhD student at neurochemistry here in Ukraine, and have some experience and understanding in using some of the nootropics and currently working on using fitness-trackers for monitoring one`s mind and body functional state in real-time.
    chinche, sorry to say that, I`ve never heard about Venus project before, but it seems attractive to me. I would grateful for sharing some reliable sources of information about it. Thanks.
  • The Venus Project is a Utopian futurist project based around having scientists run things. I think it's interesting but ultimately wouldn't build a great society. A lot of good ideas have come from it though.
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