a few specific questions about magnetic implants

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Hey guys, i've been thinking about getting a magnetic implant for a few months and finally decided to sign up and ask these few questions that ive been searching answers for everywhere. I'm a boxer and i plan on joining the military soon so would getting a magnetic implant be a viable option? the main reason i want one is not to pick things up (although that could be a plus) but my main reason is so i can sense electric fields. So as a boxer (who punches and occasionally hits with a hammer fist)  who will also be handling firearms and knives (not forgetting the high intensity physical fitness and exercises like pushups and pullups that we have to do) where would be the best place (rich in nerves so i can get the sensation) to implant? i was thinking side of hand or pinky side of wrist. Of course im open to consider any other practical places that you guys would suggest. Also what is the best way to implant an m31 (ive read its small and enough to feel the electric fields) into these places, injection or scalpel because i feel a scalpel would be much riskier to use on the side of the wrist Thank you for your time!


  • Anyone...?
  • Well, unless you can guarantee some time where you can let the implant site heal, it's going to reject for certain under those conditions. I would aim for a site that minimizes the possibility of striking the site, even after it's healed, as much as possible. Mechanical trauma seems to be the leading cause of rejections after a successful implant.
  • i really appreciate the reply, thank you! i'm willing to give it more than adequate healing time before i serve but im still curious, would the injection method or scalpel method be more practical for the side of the wrist? and also (if sensitive at all) which side of the wrist is more nerve rich?
  • I suspect that the injection method would be better in terms of healing, because you won't have your wrist movement warping the incision site, but you might want a second opinion on that.
  • Great, will do, thank you very much!
  • I feel like the side of you wrist might be a bad idea just because you said you hammer fist. Correct me if I'm wrong but when I say that I'm talking about hitting with my pinky side of my hand (occasionally missing and hitting with part of my wrist).
  • no you're absolutely right, but its just that i barely hammerfist and its the area where i least hit with, as of now i dont use it while i ask around to find out which side of the wrist would help me feel the fields more.
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