Hacking your gut bacteria

I recently got my results back from uBiome - a company that sequences your gut microbiome - and I now have a breakdown of my bacteria and the percentage in my gut correlated with each genome. I am starting a new diet (going full-blown paleo) and then I'm going to get sequenced again to see what has changed. 

Has anybody else tried this? What are your thoughts?



  • I got a couple of kits from them a while back and did a few tests. First the change from daily drinking to no drinking (gasp!) and then from that stable point to paleo (no dairy, low carb). Both of the changes were quite significant.

    I figure you will probably notice some signs of the changes in your gut as you transition as well.
  • Thanks for your input!

    Were you able to compare your data to others who have done the same thing? Or just to the average? 

    I know the microbiome is still being uncovered so to speak, but part of my magnetism to something like uBiome is that I can go into my data and try to discover things myself. Did you do anything to that nature?

    Anyways, I'll update in a couple months, once I have my data from my diet change.
  • Hi JGM. Anything new with this? How did things pan out?
  • Hi JGM...
  • interested in knowing more.I've been trying to rid my gut of bad bacteria as well, with that being said, it's been difficult for me, mainly because of time constraints, i don't have time to come home and cook a meal for 45 mins (full time work and school, along with helping out my sibs and their new baby. 

    that being said, i have tried something and I've seen some positive results. Im taking diatomaceous earth (DE) (human grade, obviously) for the past week i've noticed decrease bloating and more "regulation". I would recommend it. 

    if you don't know what it is here's a link: http://www.earthworkshealth.com/diatomaceous-earth.php

    now there is something that smells of pseudoscience B.S. but my friend, who has irritable bowel takes it and she said it works wonders for her.

    I would look into it, maybe trying it for a short while (like a month?) and seeing how do. i am going to go the Dr. soon and get my cholesterol checked and see if its lower.
  • I've read about gut bacteria transplants that can be done. It's pretty fascinating. I've been trying to convince my spouse to try it because his IBS is bad enough that one missed dose of psyllium husk screws him up for days after.

    I know the psyllium husk works by the husks absorbing extra water in the intestines, which causes them to turn into a gel like consistency that smooths the passage. Since diatomaceous earth is absorbative due to being highly porous and mostly made of silica, it functions in a similar way. The only caveat would be not overdoing it because diatomaceous earth is also abrasive and could exacerbate inflammation. So it's not totally pseudoscience.
  • The DE doesn't just smell, it reeks. If you need to eat lab grade cat litter to feel good, you need to work some stuff out. The DE may be acting as a stand in for fiber. Have you considered vegetables.

    Cooking dinner shouldn't take 45 min. Sure you can go all out, but you can chop up some chicken and veggies and stirfry that in 15 min. Do a double batch and have leftovers for later.

    Or eat cat litter.

    Most of the gut bacteria research has shown that if you want to adjust you microbiome, you need to eat better. It's another one of those "bodyhacks". Get a crock pot.
  • But there's a big genetic component to it as well. Gastrointestinal issues tend to run in families. Sometimes all the dietary changes in the world do nothing. Sometimes they help immensely, but fiber supplements are still needed. 

    DE is used in more than just cat litter. It's used in a wide variety of products across multiple industries. Like toothpaste, water filtration, beer and wine making, anti-caking agents for food storage, emergency medical supplies.
  • As someone who had the exact same problem, here's a solution from way out in left field. Psych meds. I know it sounds nuts but as soon as I went on anxiety meds, my stomach issues that had tormented me for years disapeared. My whole family has the same issues you've described and only the ones on psych meds are unaffected. There are a lot of nerves in your gastro track and you'd be suprised just how closely your mind and stomach are tied. Fix your mind, fix your stomach. 
  • I know it's just a little off track, but I'm currently in my second UC flare. Not quite a flora problem, but man... It's agony.

    I've been losing like 4-6 ounces of blood a day the last few days. v_v

    I think I'm starting to level out though. I hope >~<
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