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Sounds like it could be fun. A peer-reviewed open-access journal independent of academia by biohackers for other biohackers. A route to publishing for those in our community that have technical ability and cool projects but lack the resources or degree to be published in an academic setting. Thoughts?


  • I think this is a great idea.
  • I love this idea. Like more than you can imagine. If it's going to work we'll have to figure out all the formatting details and stuff but if we could get a process sorted so that people can publish their findings it'd be great. publishing is both a pain in the ass and super expensive. I'm trying to get some of my work pateneed and published and it's a nightmare. we could setup a roster of people with skills in various areas and when people submit a paper depending on what it's about it would be sent off to those with technical knowledge for review before publishing. 
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    Damn. I was hoping for some criticism. Now we're going to have to actually set this in motion. @chironex We will need an editorial board to run the thing and manage submissions and reviewers and the blinding process and what not, and a bunch of peer reviewers that have experience in various disciplines, as well as some editors and proofreaders. I wouldn't worry about the proofreading and the editing process at this point, just setting up the general infrastructure. First things first. I'm going through this guide here: 

    I suggest we proceed generally as follows
    1. Find people willing to serve on the editorial board and/or as peer reviewers
    2. Create a website and sign up for web hosting
    3. Sign up for OAPSA ( so we can get DOI numbers for any papers that are published
    4. Sign up for an archival service if necessary (personally I think backups can be done without this type of service)
    5. Publicize a call for proposals and see if people submit anything

    I wouldn't get excited unless we manage to get past step 2. So, without wasting any more time, if you are interested in serving as a peer reviewer or on the editorial board please post below with your background and qualifications. 
  • I'm willing to serve on the board, as a peer reviewer, and as an editor/proofreader. I'm in my third year of a B.S. in Neurobiology. 
  • I can help with peer review, I'm in my fourth year of a BS in Electrical Engineering.
  • I can peer review. Third year bio but any nanotech feel free to send my way as well. or anything nuclear.
  • Available for review and editing. Molecular Biology, Chemistry/Chemical Engineering. Have done this before.
  • OK, so it's officially a thing. Working on getting Editorial Board members, and if it doesn't publish anything within a year I won't pay to re-register the domain or web hosting.
  • This is pretty exciting, anyone have some papers in the works? I know Cassox is always working on interesting stuff.
  • I figure that we will need to get even more serious than before to make this work properly. Even the stuff that SfM did was pretty n=1 tastic and the tests were fairly inconclusive on a few things. Nothing that would be legitimately published.

    That isn't to say that it's not good starter work, it's just that if the things in the JoB(iohacking) are to be better than one step above anecdotal, lots of work is going ot have to go into it on our (the community of grinders) end
  • I tentatively volunteer for editing and review. About to start on my third year of software engineering. When chironex is busy, I know nanotech as well. Also just got started with an internship in a company that does prototyping in the biotech(specifically neurology) industry, so I'll probably pick up a lot while I'm there.
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